The last time I went to Lagos, I had a long lasting headache (nothing wrong with living there at all, there are lots of cool and beautiful places in Lasgidi). But sincerely, I have a special respect for all who live in that city, Ten Gbosa! for you all, una dey try wella.



My headache was as a result of no other reason than this: I was wondering where everyone was going to or coming from. They just kept moving and I just kept thinking. It sounds funny but I literarily stopped on the road to think of where all these people were flowing to and why they were moving so fast; that was when one guy bashed into my face. Lol… Y’all see what am talking about? He didn’t stop to say sorry or even accept my apologies (for standing in his way), he just kept moving and I kept wondering if he even noticed that he bashed someone.



I quickly learnt a lesson that if you are not moving in life, you will get bashed by circumstances, but that’s another story for another day.



For today’s post, I will start by saying that if I wasn’t taught English language well; I would have thought these two words (young and patient) were antonyms of each other.



It is now rare to see a man who is young and also patient.



What do I mean?



Our world is fast-paced, everyone is moving, things are changing and a whole lot is happening every day. How do you keep your head high as a youth and take your time to grow into the person God wants you to be without being intimidated by life or even feeling that you are not doing anything while others are ‘making it’?



You know we have been told that if you don’t ‘make it’ (whatever that means) as a youth, if you don’t ‘hammer’ or ‘blow’, e don be for you! So we are all in a mad race, a race not necessarily against time but against one another.




Mr A buys a car today and you wish it was you, he marries the next day and you begin to prowl around him like a police dog that is sniffing for hard drugs because you want to know where he works and apply- that job must be paying well. You give no thought as to whether it’s a job that will let you do what you love, what you have passion for and what God designed you to do. It shaaa pays well and. . .we are cool like that.



Then, there’s another Mr B who has a lot of money, fleet of cars and houses too, so he is a ‘made man’, he is ‘settled’ as they say. We all want to be like that- soon, no; NOW, though we just left school and have not done anything productive to yield income, but we want to control money already. Soon, our parents and elders begin to point at him and suggest that we borrow a leaf from him.




In this mad rush, you only realize that you have been chasing the wind when the emptiness in your soul refuses to be filled with all your pleasures and fat income.




Meanwhile, there is nothing wrong with having material possessions as long as you don’t let them have you, and also understand that they are blessings from God.




All I’m saying is; if you can, stop for a second and be patient. I know our world is fast-paced and you want to make your mark before you leave (me too), I know there is serious competition as they say and your mates are doing this and that (even though in reality you don’t have any mates in life), I know people are hustling and indeed, the hustle is real. But, Hellooo! In life, direction is more important than speed. It makes no sense running 1000 miles in the wrong direction. All those things you desire will come at the right time, there is no use wearing yourself out when you should be living one day at a time.



Life is sweeter, richer, deeper and more fulfilling when you are patient. When you understand that life is in stages and there is no use comparing yourself with other people. Try it and give me a feed back, you will be glad you did.




God has promised He will never leave you nor forsake you, He has promised to guide you along the best pathway for your life. Sometimes you just need to sit down in this fast paced world and wait…a while.



That job you desire and are qualified for will come, wait for it!




The wife/husband you desire will come, be patient! If anyone tells you about your biological clock, tell them that you have removed the battery from the clock…duh!



The promises of God for your life will come to pass, just be patient.



It is through Faith and Patience that you will obtain the promise.



In this country, if you are not patient you will pierce yourself with many sorrows while pursuing things. You will get entangled in so many schemes that will wear your soul out and miss out on God’s promises. Impatience will lead you into trouble all the time.




Just imagine if everyone was patient on the queue, in schools, in political offices, in corporate workplaces and even in our homes. All this fight against corruption will be unnecessary, in fact the word ‘corruption’ would have gone extinct a long time ago.



I am young, I know you are young too, let’s be patient so that we can be all God wants us to be and change our Nation for good.



Together we can!





Much Love



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