I saw a post on the internet that made me laugh really hard! It said:

“Women’s day is different from Mother’s Day and also different from Mothering Sunday (catholic) which is different from mothering sunday (Anglican) and this is quite different from AG Mother’s day!” Hahaha

Many people have asked this question: “Why do we have so many Mother’s days?

I am neither claiming to have the correct answer nor am I about to make a god out of the feminine gender. To be honest, I have asked myself the question in the past and surprisingly, I have come to the conclusion that we don’t even have enough Mother’s days. Hahaha!

This is not to undermine the role of Fathers! In fact, without Fathers, there’ll be no Mothers! Having your father and mother by your side is a great blessing from God.

However, there is something unique about the role God gave women to play in our world that makes it worth celebrating mothers everyday.

A mother is a blessing from God. Do you know that it has been scientifically proven that when a little baby is sick, there is a change in the breast milk produced by the mother to produce milk that is rich in antibodies for fighting the illness.

This is different from the normal breastmilk produced on a daily basis. In fact, God made it such that at each stage of a baby’s life, the milk is crafted to meet the specific growth needs of the child!

God also gave women an immeasurable degree of patience and largeness of heart to nurture and bring up a child right from the point of conception to adulthood.

The premonition of a mother is second to none; mothers just have a way of knowing things that other people don’t know.

For example my baby doesn’t always cry when he wakes up these days, he just wakes up and stays quiet for some minutes. Do you know that once he is up, I instinctively wake up despite the fact that his crib is few meters from mine.

The extent of a mother’s love is indestructible and can sometimes lead to spoiling the child.

This is why a combination of a mother’s tenderlove and a father’s tough love are needed to bring up every child.

The beautiful thing is that this love does not stop with one child, mothers go ahead to care and nourish their grandchildren even in their old age.

Every time I see how my mother takes care of my child, I know that motherhood never ends. So mother’s day should never end!

I could go on and on writing about mothers but a single blog post will not be enough to write about how amazing mothers are.

So next time you are asked about how many Mother’s Day we have, please let them know it’s never gonna be enough! We need more because everyday is Mother’s Day… Or what do you think?

Let me know in the comment section.

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