There is a reality before us today in Nigeria, a reality that many have refused to accept- the fact that God rules over the affairs of men and no human authority can stand without his knowledge (Daniel 4:34-37).

I am a believer in Christ Jesus and I am writing from a biblical perspective not popular opinion, so I will just go straight to the point. The last time I checked, Jesus did not command us to shine as light when we have a Christian President or when we like who is in power or even when the person is from our tribe- No, but while we are in the world, we must shine as light.

It saddens me that the group of people who mock the President the most are Christians, sometimes even from our pulpit we pour forth hatred towards him. The ones God called to shine as light are now the ones throwing stones of mockery and accusations on their leader.

While he was sick and away, many prayed for him to die, many made jest of his health and wished he would never come back. The problem is that we are yet to understand that no human authority can stand except that which God instituted or allows. I am one of those who believe the word of God that God rules over the affairs of men; He lifts up one and pulls down another (Psalm 75:6-7). He has the heart of Kings in his hands and as rivers of water, He turns them wherever he wills (Prov 21: 1).

So from the scriptures, we can see that our dear President’s heart is in God’s hands. His life is in His hands too and not ours. If God thinks he shouldn’t be there; at the snap of His fingers, he will be removed but if not so, no amount of wishing on our side will remove him.

Our duty as Christians is to pour forth words in our prayers and most importantly in our conversation with one another, words that will build up not words that will tear down. Let me shock you: If you were the President of Nigeria in a situation as this, you will be more clueless and confused because of the toxic spiritual atmosphere the Christians have created.

Do you remember when Jesus went to His hometown? He couldn’t perform many miracles because of their unbelief, a whole Jesus Christ. It’s the same thing here, our unbelief is a hindrance to whatever good intentions the President may have had. You may think that I am spiritualizing it but the truth is that it’s already spiritual. Denying the spiritual implication of our actions is the actual denial of reality.

What has happened to us? What happened to our sense of reasoning and the fear of God? Who has sold the lie to us that President Buhari is our problem? He is not, the earlier we understood that, the better for us.

We look at a political party and conclude that our salvation will come from them. Salvation does not come from a party or a man, but from God. God is looking for the wings on which to ride on to bring forth the real change we need. He can’t ride on our mockery and abuses nor can he ride on our unbelief and lack of expectations, he can’t ride on our faithless prayers and endless wishes that the President dies.

Come to think of it, can’t we just show him some love and regard out of courtesy and respect for elders, someone old enough to be your father. Even if he has not done too well in certain areas, where is the little remnant of the fear of God in our hearts?

I am writing to you Christian who joins everyone in their workplace to speak ill of the President, you who circulate messages, cartoons and animations that mock the head of state. It’s high time we stopped it and began to speak against it; if we don’t then God will have to deal with us according to the words of our mouth. We need to realize that we are to be held responsible for the events going on in our country.

God instructed us to pray for those in positions of authority, but no, we prefer to mock them and continually say that Nigeria is finished and we are all dead. The rich carry their families abroad on vacation, or to have their babies simply because they have lost faith in the country, how will the value of the Naira not fall when a whole family will blow all their life savings on a two weeks vacation in USA? Why won’t the dollar skyrocket? Yet we blame it on a person.

I think it is time for us to make a U-turn. You may not be a senator or Governor, but you can help bring the real change we need. How? You ask

You can start by deciding like I have done never to mock the President, sounds funny right? But trust me, that is the first step. Your mockery weakens your prayer, you just haven’t realized it. Start by choosing not to be the one who will circulate derogatory posts about him on whatsapp, facebook and all social media. Start by shunning your friends when they send it to you and correcting them, start by replying them when it’s forwarded to you: “I am a Christian, I am praying for the president, I can’t mock him or speak ill of him because I fear God.”

Believe me, they will laugh at you and call you names, but you have done the right thing and made yourself a vessel through which the glory of God will be revealed. You have obeyed God’s injunction and saved yourself from judgment and with time, you will see how you will eat the fruit of your lips.

I still believe in Nigeria, I have expectations from God and I will give him no rest till he rains down righteousness upon us. I believe that this country will be filled with the knowledge of the glory of God as the waters cover the sea; I believe that we will dwell in peace and prosperity. This is the only Nation we can truly call our own, this is the nation we have been called to be a salt and light to.

I sincerely pray that we cooperate with God through our words, thoughts, attitude and prayers to display his power and might now and for all eternity. Amen.





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