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Welcome to another beautiful week. This week, I have a little gift for you; it’s a short note I wrote to encourage your heart as you continue your journey through the year. You will find in it, words you have been longing to hear:


Sometimes in life we are faced with situations we would not even wish our enemy to be in. Everyone faces a difficult situation at one time or the other in life, you may be in one now or at the verge of one. You probably wanted things to turn out in a certain way and it happened just the other way and you don’t know what next to do. While many people will tell you that it is fate that happened, I would like to remind you that if you love the Lord and have committed it to him, then God has a hand in it. He simply wants you to trust him.


Most times, we are told to trust God when we have tried our best, when all our methods have failed and there seems to be no hope. Well, that works but what about trusting him from the very beginning when you are just about setting out in the venture? Letting Him lead and guide you every step of the way as in Proverbs 3:5. We don’t have to wait to be in a crisis situation before we start the fire brigade approach, even though God is merciful and can step in at anytime we call on him; he wants to be involved from the outset.


Having said that, there are other times that even when we have prayed and sought Gods guidance, things may still not turn out the way we want. The knowledge of God’s love has made me understand that God loves me so much he can shake heaven and earth to come down and get me, but he won’t do that. You know why? He already did more than that when he gave me Christ.


Through Christ, he tells me that he causes all things to work together for my good. It doesn’t mean that all things will go as I planned or anticipated but that he will use them for our good. Think about it… It sparks great confidence in me to know that ultimately, God is working for my good. I hope you feel the same way too.


The issue now is that as humans we can neither see tomorrow nor the future, so how do we pull through to see the ‘tomorrow’ or ‘future’ when our back is already against the wall. That’s when trust plays out. If we could see it, there would be no need to trust.


Sometimes, you are in a storm and you can’t see past your shoulders and God is talking about the future…and you are like “Which future? Come get me now, or I’ll drown”. Hehehe, the funny thing is most times when the storm is over and we can now see the big picture, we will wonder why we were balling out in the first place. But it’s ok, we are humans.


I learnt something really beautiful that has helped me stay calm through my storms and I want to share it with the whole world, hoping that it helps someone out there: “there is nothing I can wish or desire for myself that is equal to or greater than what God has planned for me.” Stop and think for a moment. What beautiful future do you desire? A godly home, abundant resources, fulfilled dreams, top of your career, making tremendous impact, winning millions of souls for God…go ahead, name it, even the mundane things like big cars, big houses, private jets, chains of business and all. Let me shock you, God has so much more in store for you that your mind can’t conceive it yet.


In other words my wishes and plans are inferior to God’s thoughts and workings for me. I learnt this truth from Pastor Bankie and it has stuck real hard. Since then, I have decided to throw away my plans of wood for his plans of gold, that way I don’t despair when my own ‘woody’ plans don’t play out, I know his ‘goldy’ plans are just about to begin, so I choose to trust.


Next time you have a cause to doubt God’s ability or his intents and trusting him seems difficult, remind yourself that you cannot love yourself more than God loves you, in the same way you can’t think better of yourself than he has thought for you.


His love won’t let you be tempted beyond what you can bear, there may be times when it may seem beyond your ability, no its not, I’ve been there and trust me, it’s not easy but look inside you and find the one who is greater than any trial or test you may face, the one who has your best interest at heart. He is there to make you come out stronger and better. You will find Him, your ever present help in times of need. He has got your back, he will send you help from his sanctuary.


You just need to be still, don’t freak out like me, sometimes the weight of the test may be so much that you will want scream, please do scream. I have screamed a lot of times and cried out for help and I can tell you that though he doesn’t come in the magical and dramatic way I want (sometimes I desire a fairy tale movie kind of rescue, like that of Cinderella. lol) I am content to know that I am in his arms, I scream into his ears, I cry on his shoulders and my name is written on the palm of his hands.


That alone is enough knowledge to last a lifetime.



Cheer up friend!



God loves you fiercely!

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