A friend of mine sent me this beautiful story and wanted me to share it with us on the young girl’s forum. I found it quite interesting and very timely. It is just in sync with the train of thoughts that I have been meaning to share with us here. You will learn a lot. Enjoy!

When the butterflies won’t leave your stomach.

Today, someone was restored to fellowship, having been on suspension for a couple of months. And a thought came to mind; that is me, but the grace of God.

This is a true story that happened to me sometime in February this year. I’m blessed with a wonderful elder sister in the faith and I love her. I love my sister, and then I really desired for her to gain admission for her master’s degree program.

In January I had appendectomy which was successful by the grace of God; and I was supposed to write an exam on the 10th of March. I still needed help with some things. So I sincerely desired for her to be granted admission for her M.Sc Program so I can stay with her, she’ll be delighted to help me out with the things.

After my piano lessons one Wednesday, I called her to ask about her admission and she said she had not seen the list yet. So we decided that I go to the Post Graduate School to check for her. And off to PG school I went.

When I got to the school, I was directed to go to an office where I can make inquiries. As I was standing in front of the room, a young man came around, I asked him and he gave me the information I needed; and then we got talking. Then he started saying some really emotionally stirring words; those heart tingling words that makes a young lady’s mind to swirl.

Some of nice things he said, not that I didn’t know them before but hearing it from a stranger felt good to the emotions.

We exchanged contacts and left, he called me in the night to know if I’ve eaten and sent a text of ‘care’.

The following day, he sent another text filled with heart tingling words; I read and re-read, and the thrill was subtly choking my sensitivity.

Not long before this experience, I had a meeting with Sis Faith (another wonderful sister in the faith) during that meeting she said something about a baptism of lust. That’s exactly what happened- a baptism of lust. My emotions were really stirred those moments I saw his texts, heard his voice and I liked him.

The high point of all these came so much strong that I told my sister (the one who sent me to check for her). She asked me if he was a Christian, then I realized I had no clue about that, the next day she sent me another text about sensitivity and the Lord’s mercy prevailed. Now, I’m free from that enclave. Now, I realize that feeling I had for him was just a splash of lust!

Dear sisters, don’t bottle up your feelings or crush on a man. Open up to a Godly elderly woman or friend. In my emotions, I felt it was right…until my sister sent that text and I saw things correctly.

If the admonition of Apostle Paul to timothy in 1 Tim 5:2 was re-written to a young woman; it could read, ‘Treating all young men as brothers with all purity.

SUGGESTED READING: The Lady in waiting by Debby Jones and Jackie Kendall.

Pheewww! (Exhales…) This is a story I found very real because I could relate with it so well. I learnt the importance of having godly sister-friends (aside your mentors) who we can open up to about anything.

I find it really disheartening when young ladies gossip and envy each other when they should spend that energy on building godly relationships that will be a great blessing. I have been told severally that nobody can be trusted in this world especially among your female friends, this is not true because I don’t trust my friends based on their morality, I trust them based on the grace of God at work in their lives.

I will be making a post on how my life have been saved from some bad decisions and potential mistakes all because I talked to a friend about it. I have friends, close friends, very close friends and they are all Ladies; we talk about anything and everything. We are real, true and sincere to each other; we don’t gossip, judge or look down on one another.  Nobody thinks she is more spiritual than the other; we are just grace-bought, smokingly- beautiful, interesting ladies that are crazy about Jesus and can’t help it.

We are ‘bible-holic’,’ book-a-holic’, ‘songs-a-holic’, ‘sense-a-holic’ and you name it. There are still faithful friends and I have a good number to last a life time.

This is what I long to see among Christian young ladies and I believe it is the will of God. Lets build godly friendships among ourselves.

Get a friend, be a friend!

When the butterflies won’t leave your stomach, you better talk…hmmmm talk o.

Much Love

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