I love the story of how Jesus came to rescue mankind from sin. From the beginning of the story to the end is mind-blowing, every scene is lit with grace, forgiveness and love. Every step led closer to death, yet his mind was made up.

But there is a part that takes my breath away, the part that I love the most:

Matthew 26:52-54

“Put away your sword”, Jesus told him. “Those using swords will get killed. Don’t you realize that I could ask my father for thousands of angels to protect us, and he would send them instantly? But if I did, how would the scriptures be fulfilled that describe what is happening now?”

I wish I could highlight this passage more and more until it fills my entire screen cos it means the world to me.

Jesus had a lot of options apart from the cross, I think every step of the way was a decision making point where he had to choose the Father’s will over his. The devil tried at every turn to give him another option and make him back out. This particular one struck me the most.

Jesus knew that he could call legions of angels to come to his rescue and God would have done it instantly. That tells me that Jesus was not under compulsion to die for us, rather he willingly laid down his life.

Our lives as Christians is about fulfilling scriptures, it’s about finding out the mind of God and doing it

Follow me for a second lets imagine this: What if Jesus had asked the Father and he sent angels to rescue him? I guess Angel Michael would have led a legion in a matter of seconds to the scene, slaughtered all those troubling Heavens King and Jesus will be immediately catapulted back to heaven, but that would mean that they will begin to look for plan B.

Jesus will probably take a few days rest from his first missionary journey that was marked with so much criticism, hostility and hatred and which eventually failed. He would first rest and ‘cool off’ before deciding whether or not to come back to the earth. Would he have come back? emmm… I really don’t know but if it was me, ain’t coming back natin.

The truth is that if Jesus used his power this would not entirely be a bad thing, after all God would have answered and raced off to his rescue. He would simply be going through the easy way.

But he didn’t. Thank God!

Instead, Jesus said essentially “If I do this, how then will the scriptures be fulfilled? How will the word of God come to pass? I can’t let the word fail. The word has described what is happening now and that is the path I will take.”

How many times have we chosen the easy way out in difficult situations and somehow God still allowed us?

Let me define the easy way:

The easy way is not necessarily a way that looks easy or simpler, though it may be. The easy way is any way that is contrary to that which God has written in his word. It is any way outside the word of God.

When you are setting out on any venture, you must decide which way to take: the easy way or the word way.

Our lives as Christians is about fulfilling scriptures, it’s about finding out the mind of God and doing it. It’s not about setting out to make ourselves happy and comfortable. The truth is that we will have those things if we follow the word; but on their own, they are not our motivation. Our motivation is the will of God as revealed in his word.

Let me ask: If all of us are bent on going the easy way, how then will the scriptures be fulfilled? Who will fulfill the scriptures? Unbelievers? Atheists? Scriptures like “A good name is better than great riches…” and many more. Who will fulfill it if we follow the easy way?

How many times have we chosen the easy way out in difficult situations and somehow God still allowed us?

Like Jesus, I am learning to reject the path that will not allow me fulfill scripture. I am learning to decide to stick it out with the word, to hold on to it regardless of what such decisions may cost, whether it is a relationship, money, a job, fame or even my life, the important thing is that I obeyed God and that is all that matters.

Jesus had both the power and a will. He had the power to save himself and he also had a will to lay down his life or not. He chose to lay it down- that’s a billion metric tons of meekness. Someone once said “only the great can afford to stoop.”

Even as Jesus hung on the cross, many were saying “If you are the messiah, save yourself, come down and we will believe you.” It was still the devil trying to talk him out of the word way into the easy way. What a temptation! But Jesus didn’t need to prove anything to anybody.

His power made him to stoop not escape, that’s true greatness- ability to stoop low. And it is because of this that we are saved today; that’s why we have peace with God, joy, healing, prosperity, power over sin and the devil, freedom and of course eternal life.

Finally, I am reminded of Galatians 1: 4a

“Jesus died for our sins just as God our Father planned…”,

He didn’t do it in his own way- the easy way, rather he did it God’s way- the word way.

It’s time to stop doing God’s will our way, that’s partial obedience which is equal to disobedience.

Like Jesus, let’s set our face like a flint, ready to do God’s will, God’s way. Only then can we fulfill scriptures.





Much Love

Have a super week!


PS: Don’t wait till Easter to remember Jesus’ death and resurrection. It’s a lifestyle!


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