I try my best to stay away from arguments about whether a song is a Christian song or not or even what the definition of a Christian song is. Sometimes I feel some people just want to make excuses for what they want to do or get other people to support their excesses, though recently, I discovered that some are clear minded. 

But then, I still don’t think a disciple of Christ should be confused about his stand on this matter. My reason is simple: if the lyrics or message of a song has become questionable, there is an issue. 

For me, a Christian song is a song that glorifies God, reminds me of his character and teaches me to love him more and live for him.

Recently, I have noticed an increase in the rate at which we are being bombarded with sensual songs that only speak about girls, money, sex and everything but Jesus. You enter a bus and that’s what’s on the playlist, you go to a mall or shop and they are screaming it into your ears. Sometimes you are travelling to another state and for 6 hours or more, you are forced to drink in these poisons till you almost begin to nod (thank God for earpiece). 

Truth is these songs are ‘sweet’ and have good beats that would almost steal your fancy, but hey! This is the point where you train your ears on what should mean sweet and good, the point where you teach your flesh what appeals to the spirit and constantly remind yourself of it.

Some months ago I wrote about “why staying pure is more than a fight” and it was as if they came for my head. lol

Well, I am passionate about pleasing God with my life and I am loud about it, so I reject any song that will not help me do this more and more.

I remember when I was being dragged into an argument about some seemingly harmless and good songs and why I wasn’t listening to them and guess my reply “Hillsong, Jesus culture, Travis Greene, Bethel, Kim Walker, Sinach et al have over 1,000 songs. I haven’t finished listening to them.”

And really, there are so many beautiful songs that will spur you unto deeper intimacy with the Lord and I dare to say that a lifetime is not enough to exhaust the list.

When you are singing about things that will not keep my heart fixed on Jesus, hmmm…. I won’t listen to you, no apologies. I just don’t have the time and you are obviously not talking to me! I guess you already know your audience.

What am I saying? If you are serious about pleasing God and living for him, I think your playlist should reflect that.

So darling, what you are listening to? Does it tell me anything about who your allegiance is to? Or does it make it more difficult for you to keep your thoughts pure and on the Lord.

Think about that and do the needful.

Have a blessed weekend!
PS: You can reach me via the comment section or via inbox if you need Christo-centric songs, I will be glad to help.

Don’t forget to let me know what you are thinking and how you are detoxifying your ears and mind over there. Give us a sneak peek into your playlist. Yea, let’s share…

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