There is this practice in Bible times where if you had a guest, the first thing you offered him was water to wash his feet. This was because their major means of transportation was by foot or using a Camel along the dusty desert roads.

So it was pertinent that every visitor received this treat as it not only showed that they were welcome but also ensured their feet was clean and decontaminated from any dust they might have picked up along the way.

In the same way, as we travel through life, we pick up what I want to refer to as ‘dust’ on our feet. Dust in this context refers to opinions, ideologies, practices, mindsets and belief systems that are not in par with our faith.

They are quotes, notions and attitudes of people towards life that have become a norm in the society but do not necessarily depict what our experiences should be as disciples of Christ.

Sometimes they come from our well-meaning colleagues and family members, even the media and society at large and subtly make their way into our hearts.

As we interact with people in our workplace, school, neighborhood, and peer meetings; people say things that we don’t completely agree with but must listen to even when we know they are not true.

The thing about this ‘dust’ is that we cannot avoid it or run away from them because they are everywhere as long as we are on earth.

In fact God wants us to live in the midst of it. But He has provided a way for us to wash our feet and clear them of this almost inevitable dust by continuous infusion with the word of God.

Washing of our feet can be done in a community of believers through bible study, home cell meetings and group meetings where we share practical life experiences and discuss real life issues bothering our faith. We take up these issues and weigh them on the scale of scriptures before placing them where they belong.

Attending a church service on Sunday alone is not enough, we must continue to allow mingling with other believers to wash our feet. It is necessary to plunge in and take Church beyond the walls of a building into our daily lives.

Another way to wash your feet is through the ever-increasing social media platforms that have made communication easy. We can chat up or place a call across to a friend who we can discuss with and challenge any ideology tugging at our heard knowing that after the conversation, our feet will be clean.

I have a community of friends like that who I speak with to wash my feet after the world has bombarded me with their junk.

Finally, get plugged on to audio Bible and messages. Even if you have to spend money to download them, do so. Nothing is more important than your spiritual health.

The world is brutal and relentless in their quest to infiltrate our minds and win us over so we must be intentional in seeking to stay clean at all cost.

There is an ongoing battle: The world versus God’s word. Who wins the battle depends on the state of our feet! How is your feet?

Let me guess: It’s time to go for some washing. See you at the pool.

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