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I usually don’t write about myself but I guess today will be an exception. So join me as we take a walk into my personal life.

This year I started doing two things and I plan to master them so well it becomes a habit and stays with me for a very long time. Back then in school, I used to manage my time well, I was a very good planner and did a great job at keeping body and soul together but after coming into what they called ‘the outside world’, 24hours seemed grossly inadequate. I was struggling with time.

So today, I will be sharing these two little secrets I discovered and believe it will help someone reading Nasalian blog manage his/her life better. I found an acronym for them: W2

Waking up early
If you are a working class lady or guy, you will never know the benefits of waking up early until you develop the habit. Let me also add that you do not know what you are missing especially if you are single.

The world is busy, too busy. Our phones are calling, our jobs are demanding, there are bills to pay, relationships to keep and events to attend. And in all of this we have just 24 hours. Wow!

There was a time in my life when I was at the brink of a breakdown. 24 hours were not enough for me at all. The day would end and I would still have so much to do. I felt I needed more hours added to my day but because I knew it wasn’t possible I felt I needed a Personal Assistant, small me (lol). But seriously, I considered getting one just to keep my sanity.

No matter how much I was pressured things didn’t change, in fact they got worse. My relationships were suffering and I knew I needed to do something differently. It was when I deliberately began to work towards managing my time well that things changed. I started with setting an alarm clock.

Trust me, the first day was so difficult I was angry with myself. But I picked up with time until one day I caught myself waking up before the alarm went off. Wow! I had set an alarm in my soul that woke me up even before the alarm in my phone. This made me so happy.

I would wake up early, pray, study, write my thoughts and plan my day. My days were more fulfilling and purposeful. That was the beginning of a better me, I became happier, more productive and more fulfilled.

Never lie to yourself that you don’t have time. That’s a lie the devil sells to us. You have so much time, learn to manage it well!

Weekly goals
Instead of setting new year resolutions that you would forget before the third month of the year, why not set weekly goals and have them written down.

Last year I set monthly goals. Every month, I wrote down things I would do. That worked a bit but this year I brought it closer, I now set weekly goals. Every Sunday I would write down what I will do in the coming week and guess what? I started reaching my goals more than before.

Now,  the most exciting part of my Sunday is when I get to tick off the things I did in the previous week and write new ones. I love this moment so much that I look forward to it.

But I had a rough start, sometimes at the end of the week, I had two or three left overs and I would carry them over into the new week and write them down again.

One of the things I wrote the first week I started was “Go to work” Haha. It was that serious.

But seriously, you can pen down just about anything… “Finish a certain book”, “make your hair”, “pray for a friend”, “call a friend”, “buy a new dress…” Call it goals or to-do list, anything at all, it doesn’t have to sound profound or deep.

Don’t set twenty goals in one week, start with three or four, things you can do very easily and enjoy, things that won’t put you under undue pressure. As time goes on, you can make progress. Make sure you tick them off at the end of the week and write new ones.

This is not as much work as you think, instead it is a great way to grow and become better. You will be happy you did.

Finally, as you step into another week, don’t forget the acronym W2. I guess you will start this week.

So, if you will start “Waking up early” and setting “Weekly goals” type W2 in the comment box, let me know you are in. If you are already doing it, type “Cheers” and if you are not yet ready to start, type “Still processing.”

Don’t forget to have fun and have a blessed week!

PS: Episode 2 of “Reluctantly Adulting” comes up on Friday. Stay tuned!

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