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When I was leaving school, I was scared! Amidst all the joy and jubilation of ‘5years don waka’, I had mixed feelings. Not because I wasn’t grateful to God who gallantly brought me through those years, you can bet I truly was. Not because I wasn’t glad to be going into the outside world (as we used to call it then), not even because I didn’t know what to do next, I had many plans. But I realized I was afraid because I had too much going through my head, I was afraid of not having all my dreams come through because of the many bad things I heard about life after school. I was afraid of settling for less, I was really afraid of what will become of my many dreams.

What if I Fail to be all God wanted me to be?

It’s ok to be scared, uncertain or even blank. Though many leave school very sure of how to skim their way through life, some others are not. And a lot of us were unprepared in a sense for the uncertainties that lay ahead. One thing I hate is uncertainties, I love to know the next thing that will happen and that became my big challenge. That’s when the word trust began to make a lot of sense to me.

As you are leaving school (university), the world will tell you that life after school is hard, tough and difficult. Is it true? I leave that you, but I heard it so much, I started believing it. They will tell you that since life is difficult, all your dreams can’t come through, you have to dream less, face reality, don’t expect much, life is unfair and a lot more. Then, this means you must stop having ‘too much faith’ and start finding a way for yourself because ‘who faith don epp’.  In school, you were a faith filled, vibrant student who believed God for the impossible. You didn’t just believe God for a great job, you believed him to create jobs for thousands through you, you didn’t just believe him for a great career, you believed him for a wonderful family too. But you will be tempted to lower your expectations and join the low key life of mediocrity. Yet God says “I am able to do exceedingly, abundantly more than you have ever imagined…”!

For me the battle was fierce between what people said and what Gods word said and believe me, many things out there are not yet how Gods word says they should be. That’s why the fight is not against the witches in your village, but the fight is to use His word to configure your world. The world you will meet here is not the world existing in your faith-filled head. But that doesn’t mean you should join the queue, it doesn’t mean you should settle for less. These things came to me in many subtle ways and may differ in how each of us will face them, but anyway they choose to come, you must keep hope alive. You have to earnestly contend for the faith.  Your faith in God will be tried, and circumstances will try to prove the world right, but remember its God word against theirs. You must trust God; yes that childlike trust that looks only to God. Those dreams and desires God placed in your heart will still come to pass, just don’t give in and dissolve them in the waters of life so you can fit in. Let hope rise and let your faith be intact, or better still, let it soar higher until just like that of the Syrophoenician woman and the centurion, it will marvel the Lord himself, for that is the way to victory.

If Jesus comes to fulfill all he has promised to do in your life, will He still find faith in you?

God has so much in store to do with your life, don’t settle for less than he intended.

My next post will be on the big question, how do I keep my head high in the face of voices drowning out my faith? Find out how you can continue to win the challenges that you will be facing in the wider world. You are already a Victor, stay Victorious and don’t forget, we are in this together.

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