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I bet most of us have at least 3 pairs of heels in our collection and yours sincerely is guilty as charged. It has become part of our lives so much that a lot of us wear them everyday.

While there is no big deal about this, I figured out that if we knew more about the dynamics of our body’s anatomy we would do better in choosing how high our shoes can go and how comfortable we want to be in them.

But first, let me say this; if you must wear heels to feel confident rather than comfortable, I think what you need most is to love and accept your height rather than an increase in the inches of your next purchase. After all, the highest a silhouette can add to your height is 8-12 inches (for those that go that high) and while this is a bit significant, I doubt if it’s worth all the trouble.

High heeled shoes are generally more expensive than most flats, but aside the financial cost, today, I will be sharing 4 other costs your incure when you purchase a heeled shoe:

Fatigue and headaches
Am I the only one who gets a terrible headache on prolonged use of heels? I doubt.

They can be that uncomfortable especially when you have to walk a long distance or on an unleveled road not to talk of when you have to climb or descend a hilly area.

Worse still, you get tired at the end of the day… Isn’t this the reason a lot of us have our flat slippers to the rescue patiently waiting in our handbags.

Falls, sprained ankles and broken legs
When you wear heels, you put yourself at a higher risk of loosing your balance, you could fall and sprain your ankle. This is most common when they are not platform or wedges.

A lot of times you are not very confident with your steps cos you are bothered about both maintaining your balance and keeping a smile on your face, this is not only mentally tasking but could become distracting and result in missing your steps.

Do you know this could lead you straight to an orthopedic hospital. Hahaha!

Joint pain and back pain
Heels especially when they are very high and uncomfortable cause your pelvis to tilt forward when you walk or stand on them for a long time, this puts a lot of pressure on your back causing lower back pain.

Also, there is this Achilles’s tendon or heel cord on our leg. It is a tendon at the back of your legs that serves to attach the muscles to the bone. It is actually the thickest in the body.

When they vibrate, they stimulate muscle spindles in the calf which alert the brain that the body is moving and through a cascade of innervations we are able to move.

Most people who wear heels a lot tend to stretch lots of these calf mucles which causes them to become stiff and possibly painful. I am sure you don’t want this.

Awkward Spinal cord
Incorrect use of silhouettes can cause your lower back to arch out a little more than normal. If you are a fashionista, beware of this!

Finally, you may be asking, how can I stay safe and still rock my heels? Dont worry dear, this weekend, I will be sharing tips on how to select comfortable and body friendly heels that will not just meet your need for comfort, but also help you stay classy and safe.

Have a blessed week!!!

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