Growing up, I’ve always wondered what the most important thing in life is; I read books that pointed to things like being happy with yourself, having a good marriage or a lot of money yet other people argued that life is utterly meaningless and one can hardly make any sense out of it.

For the Christian, things are very different and my little time on earth has proven so. I dare to say that consistency in the daily disciplines of reading the bible and praying is the most important thing in life.

What the devil attacks the most in the life of a believer is not his possessions, business or even his health, all these are an aftermath of his relentless pursuit after the main thing- our daily appointment with God. He seeks to disconnect us from our source of life and when this happens, every other thing falls apart.

The fiercest of Satan’s weapons are hurled at the believer’s altar and the greatest fight of the Christian is not necessarily to fight back but to faithfully defend this sacred place- to read the bible and pray daily. This is so simple and basic that we sing about it in our children’s Sunday school songs yet very few Christians live in the reality.

It’s not uncommon to see that many Christians now consider their daily appointment with God as burdensome and unnecessary and would rather pray long hours once a year than pray faithfully for few hours daily. It has become a loathsome drudgery.

This fight for consistency is the difference between a fiery Christian and a fearful one. It is the difference between carnality and real Spirituality. It filters the bulk of Christians and leaves only a handful who proceed into deep intimacy with the Holy Spirit. It is the bridge that separates ardent disciples of Christ from nominal, cold payers of lips service.

Any man who will make lasting impact in life must be one who has a place with God in the secret place. He must be one who knows how to cultivate the presence of God, in other words, he must be able to host God daily.

Failure in the place of daily bible study and prayer is the reason why many people who started out their Christian walk with much fervency do not continue in their pursuit of God. As they neglect the basics on a daily basis, they sink into the muddy waters of deep carnality and many never find their way out.

Any man who can win this fight of consistency will not only wield so much spiritual authority but will be a great blessing to their generation.

Again, many well-meaning Christians are deeply involved in all manner of Church work and acts of service to God yet neglect the supreme calling to be with Him. It is very easy to travel the world and seek to conquer it for God yet find it burdensome to faithfully meet with God on a daily basis.

While service to God is not only encouraged, but mandatory for all believers, Jesus’ injunction to focus on the ‘one thing’ must never be taken lightly. He still insists that we take up our cross daily and follow Him. This is the simplest yet most difficult thing to do.

Jesus himself had the custom of daily communion with God, the Apostles did, so must we. If you succeed in every other thing and fail at this one thing, you have failed where it matters the most. But if you make this your one and ultimate goal in life, at the end of time, you will have lived a truly successful life!

In my next post, I’ll be sharing practical tips that will help you stay consistent in doing the most important thing in life.

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