Hey guys!

I’ve got a big news!!!

Drum rolls! Drum rolls!! Drum rolls!!!

So recently, I became a mother. A first time mom at that!

Truly, I cannot put the feeling in plain English language. So don’t blame me if words fail me to talk about it.

I’m still ecstatic with joy and every single day I get to share in the life of my little one is memorable.

As you can guess, I journaled through my pregnancy from day zero. Lol! And guess what? I will be sharing my story soon. So stay tuned.

What more can I say? Pregnancy and Motherhood is a joy that only God can give and I consider myself blessed and highly favoured to be the one to nurse our amazing son.

They say miracles happen everyday and I totally agree! But Y’all know that the miracle of blood and water becoming a living, breathing soul doesn’t happen to us everyday. Mine took nine months to complete happening and so does that of every woman.

If you have ever sat down to imagine how a new life is formed in another one; you will agree with me that no matter the depth of our medical knowledge, we can never fully understand it.

Every time I look into the eyes of our baby, I am lost in awe and admiration.

I can never forget the very moment he came into this world, I replay the scene in my head every other day and I secretly want to relive it (#smiles).

It was like a dream and when I heard that first cry, I was speechless. All I could say was “Thank you Jesus.”

I kept saying “Thank you Jesus” and repeated it so much that the nurses joined me. I couldn’t fathom how that amount of awesomeness came out of me.

Haha! I am already telling you guys the story. Don’t worry, I have saved it for another day, wait for it!

What I am saying is that our attitude should be that of gratitude every single day we set our foot on the ground. Gratitude to Jesus for the life we have and the love with which he has loved us.

Every life is a miracle and every breath you draw is another miracle.

No matter what you are facing in life, there is a God who formed you patiently and thoroughly in your mother’s womb. He also did all that was required to make sure you came into this world safely.

Some of us have circumstances surrounding our birth that constantly remind us of the sovereignty of God, this should give you confidence in God for the future.

If God can turn what may pass as ordinary water and blood into a full fledged human being with countless delicate network of cells, organs, tissues and body systems, then He deserves our endless trust and loyalty.

I dont know what you are believing God for, but one thing I have learnt in this period of my life is that God is faithful. He never disappoints! And He is never too late or too early. Just trust him and remain expectant.

Some miracles happen daily, others take weeks, months and even years to manifest. Which ever happens for you, never take it for granted, God has his stamp all over it and that is all that matters.

So now, all I do on some days is lie beside my little one and watch him sleep because I am still in awe.

I look at his head, nose, ears, mouth and hands and wonder how God made them.

I think about his heart, kidney, pancreas, lungs and liver and I give thanks.

I listen to his heart beat and watch his chest go up and down and imagine that they are nodding in agreement to the greatness of our God.

What about the delicate network of arteries and veins and all the other intricate parts of his body that I don’t know their names?

Seriously, I am still in awe!

Cheers to the coming days, I know it will be mind blowing for me and I believe same for you!

What God is doing in you is beyond human comprehension, just hang in there and wait for your miracle!

And please, stay tuned to Nasalianblog, I have a story to tell!

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