A lot of guys are caught in the dilemma of how to woo and win over a lady. Are you one of the good guys who have good intentions and beautiful plans for a lady but it seems like she doesn’t reciprocate?

You plan to treat her right, spoil her with lots of gifts and eventually make her the happiest woman on earth, yet she’s not willing to give you a chance.

While these are noble intentions, how you go about it goes a long way to determine whether or not the lady will believe your ‘gospel’ and follow you.

People argue that ladies go for the guy with the most money but we all know that this is not always true.

There are many guys that have lots of money but don’t have what it takes to make a woman fall head over heels in love with them let alone follow them to the altar.

So guys, here’s a secret: As ladies (and of course as human beings) we can’t see your heart because we are not God. So no matter how noble your intentions are, they have to be communicated the right way so that you will get the response you desire.

That’s why today, I’m sharing six qualities of the man that will win a Lady’s heart:

The man that wins a lady’s heart is her friend
A friend is one she can be completely free and honest with and not feel ashamed. A friend is always there for her and most importantly, a friend speaks her language.

Do you know and understand the language of the lady you are wooing? This is so important.

There was this guy that was asking me out some years ago. He would call me everyday to ask me what I ate and even insist I tell him in my local dialect. Haaa!

This looks like being caring, but it drove me nuts every time. Like seriously??? Do you work with UNICEF that feeds hungry children? Or you want to use my life to do village ‘kporakpor?’*

That’s not my language at all, that’s not what I want to talk about. I just couldn’t hold a three-minute conversation with him because all he said sounded like Chinese to me. We didn’t speak the same language.

So let me ask; Dude, can you hold an intelligent conversation with her or are you the kind of guy that runs out of ideas after two minutes and starts asking for the colour of her undies or her grandmother’s favorite food?

Be a friend first before you start campaigning for the office of a lover and then, husband. Let her like you as a person; that’s where it all begins.

Then build on those little flickers of ‘likeness’ and fan the embers into flame; that way, it will be completely mutual.

The man who wins a lady’s heart is consistent
Consistency means you don’t say “A” today and do “B” tomorrow. It means you have sworn to your own hurt and will not change.

Consistency means she has found in you a safe place where she is certain she will always find solace from the storms of life.

It means you love her as she is even when she’s not at her best but believe and work with her towards becoming better.

Consistency means you may not have all the money at the moment but she can bank on your words. That’s the kind of man that wins a lady’s heart.

A consistent man is committed to building a lifetime of joy with his woman and will not chicken out when the chips are down.

The man that wins a Lady’s heart is a Faithful man

Faithfulness means exclusivity. A lady doesn’t want to spend her nights wondering if she’s the only one you are telling all those sweet nothings or trying to count how many more of ‘her’ you have out there.

She doesn’t want to run into someone at the mall and you go, “Sweetheart, meet my love. She’s just a friend.”

That’s a No, No!

Faithfulness means that she never has to feel that she’s in a competition with anyone.

The man that wins a Lady’s heart Respects her.
Respect means you understand she’s a human being too, a grown one at that. She has goals and aspirations and her life is not all about you. You know how to propel her to be the best she can be without feeling threatened by her success.

Respect also means you are willing to go through the process of asking for her hand in marriage from her family and patiently waiting to marry her before bringing her to live in your house.

It means you are a sheep that goes through the door and not a wolf that sneaks in to devour.

That means you respect her body and no matter how fascinated you are by it, you won’t touch her inappropraitely until you take her to the altar.

Respect means you don’t lie or cheat your way through life or do things that will humiliate or demean her.

Do I need to say that respect means you will never think of raising your tiniest finger on her? I hope not.

Respect also reaches down to simple things like you respecting her family and friends and treating other people cautiously.

It means you are civilized enough to obey simple traffic lights and truly be a gentleman. It means you honour your mother and father and don’t talk back at them.

The man that wins a Lady’s heart is the man that keeps developing himself
No lady wants the father of her children to be a block head. She wants a true leader who will lead the entire family courageously.

She wants a man who she can always be proud of, one who dazzles her and constantly outdoes himself in his chosen field or career. That’s the man that will win her heart.

The man that wins a Lady’s heart is the man who has found himself in God.
One whose heart pursues God endlessly and is submitted to godly authority; that is the man who can nurture, pray for, and be the king of her heart.

The office of the husband is not one occupied by every Tom, Dick and Harry; and like Heather Lindsey will say, “Boyfriends don’t get husband privileges.”

So guys, the stakes are high and you’ll agree with me that the price of a virtuous woman is far above rubies and the man who will win her heart is the man whose heart is after God’s heart.

Cheers to all godly men out there. I celebrate you.

*Kporakpor means village meeting



Dedicated to the amazing man who won my heart.

Happy Birthday My Royal Sweetness!

From all of us at Nasalianblog!



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