I remember the first time I saw a woman give birth to a child, the pain seemed unbearable to me and I wondered how she’ll cope much less have another child after going through such pain.

I was told by the nurses that she’ll forget the pain once her baby is born and soon, she’ll come back to have another baby.

I didn’t believe it until I experienced it! This is what I’ll call the joy of motherhood.

This joy does not only come when your children have all grown and are flying you round the world; that’s going to be a long time coming.

This joy comes from seeing your child take his first breath and let out that first cry. It comes when your child suckles the very first time and you feel your life flowing into anothers’.

This joy stays with you when your child doesn’t yet understand what you are saying and tends to go when you say “come”!

Those early and tedious days of giving your child all your attention and care so much that you lose yourself while pouring your life into your child’s.

Those sleepless nights and countless hours of breastfeeding are joyous in themselves.

Those heartfelt bed side prayers you offer while your child is asleep, those sick days when you can’t bear to see your child in pain and rather pray that God takes it away even if it means putting it on you. That is the joy of motherhood.

Correcting your child when they fail and not giving up when they make mistakes is in itself joyous.

Don’t let anyone undermine your role as a mother. You have been engaged in the noblest profession of all.

From cradle to teen and even into adulthood; motherhood never ends and so is the joy!

But do you know that mothers are not just people who bring a new life into the earth but also those who nuture and nourish?

Yes! Every woman has this ability and can play this God-given role in a special way.

And even when your child turns out differently, never give up for the joy is in the fact that you gave your best, your all, your life!

Women everywhere are constantly labouring and giving their best to make the world a better place. Today and always we celebrate us!


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