If you have ever started anything, you’ll agree with me that starting is not the only hard part! Whether it’s a business, relationship, a career path or a building project, growing it is another hard part.

After I had my baby, I wondered how growth would happen. Many times I wondered how he’ll learn to crawl and walk and how one day, the tiny human would begin to run all over the house.

But now I know that growth is a natural process that happens over time and that  time varies with individuals.

In the same way, God allows us to experience gradual growth at different rates that he chooses, but the problem is that our world is fast paced and growth is not always fast.

My baby didn’t learn to crawl immediately after birth, it took time just like every other type of growth. I didn’t even do anything to make him grow apart from feeding him; God gave the increase!

You see, it is good to plan to grow but you may not be able to plan how fast you’ll grow. It is God that gives the increase!

Growth is a gradual process and sometimes, it may seem slow. The reason we think things are slow is because we have set times in our head for them. If you think there’s a delay, it’s because you think you hold times and seasons in your hands.

For example, before you say “I’ll get married this year!” Be sure God specifically told you the year otherwise, don’t make such conclusions.

Our prayer should not be to meet our set deadlines but to be in God’s will at all times.

Don’t be in a hurry to ‘blow’! You know why? There is joy in watching small things grow!

How do I know this? I am watching my baby learn how to stand and walk.

From trying to hold a table or chair to falling and getting up again and then reaching out to me to hold his hand, the process is in itself, a great delight!

If he had started walking immediately he was born, I would have missed all these precious memories.

Growth and increase takes time. But it also brings joy! Whatever it is you have planted, continue to water it and don’t let the seemingly slow process rob you of the joy of watching your little thing grow. God will give you increase.

The devil will try to rob you of this joy by nudging you to compare yourself with others and making you feel they are making more progress. Don’t give in to this.

It is important you understand the law of gradual increase and learn to live one day at a time.

The beauty is in the process! The joy is in the daily routines. Don’t let the desire to have it big rub you of the pleasure of the small moments.

And don’t forget to have a blessed week!

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