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Recently, a couple of songs which we would normally term “old-time religion” songs have been popping up in my mind.

These are songs of total devotion and consecration to God and sadly, many of them have been forgotten or are rarely sung in our Christian circles these days:

“It pays to serve Jesus

I speak from my heart

He’ll always be with us if we do our part

There’s nought in this wide world can pleasures afford

There’s peace and contentment in serving the Lord.”

One day while singing this beautiful song, a line struck me:

“I’ll do as he bids me whatever the cost, I’ll be a true soldier, I’ll die at my post”.

I asked myself how many believers today are willing to do as God bids them regardless of the cost?

How many of us are willing to die at our duty posts?

Or have we joined unbelievers in the rat race to pursue what we term a better life in a country, career, location or job that is different from the duty post where God has assigned us to?

I kept asking myself so many questions about what exactly makes Christians happy these days.

Is it a fat pay cheque, new car, house or property? Or do we still derive joy in staying in God’s will for our lives and obediently following it whether it is glamorous or not.

Let me remind us again that the joy of the believer doesn’t come from the things that he has but from doing the will of the Father and finishing His work.

The joy of the Believer doesn’t come from the glamour and fame of the spotlight, it comes from refreshing times of prayer and communion with the father.

Those times when you are not coming to God for the things in His hands but to know and follow His heart.

It comes from knowing you are loved and being content with His love!

“It is enough that Jesus died and that He died for me”

How many of us still spend time just worshiping the Father and basking in His love without asking for any material things?

We must go back to draw our joy from these times of sweet communion and strong devotion to God.

As for the things we seek, God has already assured us that they’ll be added as we seek Him.

A lot has been  happening in our world and country in particular that has given many people reasons to begin to look for joy in other ventures outside Christ.

Some have even resorted to seeking to relocate themselves to places that promise a better life in a quest for joy and happiness.

I earnestly pray we remain true soldiers and never chicken out because of these temporary afflictions that are nothing compared to the eternal weight of glory that will be revealed in us.

Soldiers don’t back out when the battle is fierce, they don’t run away in the face of an attack. They are trained to win or die at their post rather than retreat! That is where their joy lies.

The joy of the believer comes from doing the will of the Father and finishing His work not from running from pillar to post, looking for a ‘better life’.

Jesus will return soon and what a joy to be found stationed and alert on your duty post.

May God help us in Jesus name, Amen!


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