Have you ever driven through any major road on a Sunday morning say 10am and observed how deserted the roads are? When you compare this with the hustle and bustle of Monday morning, you will agree with me that there is a huge difference. This is because a large percentage of the populace are in church on Sunday mornings and for different reasons I must say.

Some come to fulfil all righteousness, others come to pay homage to the church and tick it off their to-do list, some come to seek for blessings, wife, cars and houses. There are still others who go to church because of the cool, beautiful music they will enjoy and the cozy worship atmosphere…the list is endless.

My question is how many of these people are practising Christians? How many are disciples of Christ? When people say that there are too many Christians in the world yet evil abounds, I believe they are referring to the figures on the Sunday attendance register but I argue that the truth is we don’t have many Christians, what we have is many people who go to church.

We also have people who are content because they answered an altar call sometime ago, deposited a part of their life with Christ and come to pay homage to him on Sundays while still depositing a percentage of their earnings in the same way people pay a premium for their insurance with the hope that with that, they are covered for life.

This salvation they have bought and are maintaining has no impact on their life between Tuesday and Saturday, it’s an only Sunday affair. As much as I believe one can experience an instant salvation, I also know that salvation is not a one off event that starts and end in the Church.

The fruit of salvation stems from an encounter with Jesus and flows into our daily life, our work, family and business. It may start on a Sunday but it flows into the coming days and changes us completely.

A Christian is not one who answered an altar call, He is one who continuously lives like Christ. He practices Christlikeness, he may stumble but he doesn’t stay in and enjoy sin; he doesn’t make excuses for bad behaviour. Though in flesh and blood, he strives to live in and by the Spirit. That is the man who has his Helmet of Salvation on!

The devil has no valid accusation for any man who is in Christ. He is powerless and unable to inflict any pain or harm. He can only tempt us to wander away from Christ so he can unleash his venom.

Finally, we must not throw away this sure salvation we have received or make light of it. It is our defence, an anchor for our souls. No one can claim to be a Christian without having this Helmet on. This is our strong armour!

Keep your head high, fully clad with the helmet of Salvation and do have a beautiful week ahead!

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