Some time ago, I anchored a mini debate where teenagers where to argue for or against Technological advancements with focus on the impact of audio-visual media on youths. It was an interesting one and it got me thinking.

Before I share my thoughts, I would like to ask you some rather personal questions, I hope you think well and deep about them:

When you pay for your Dstv (or any cable) subscription, what exactly are you paying for? Do you pay to be entertained, informed or harassed? What’s going on on your TV screen right inside your home?

As for me, every time I turn on the television, I have to make a quick decision. Whether to subject my self to endless harassment or not.

I know the ads on the streets and market places are loaded with suggestive images and videos. And many times we have to wonder the relationship between a cocotte and the ceiling fan the company is trying to sell to us. I don’t even what to mention the internet for though it has brought good to many, it has become the undoing of thousands.

But in our homes? Do we have to be seduced in our own homes without our consent? People we don’t know, have never met and may never meet barge into our homes and flood our eyes and ears with their trade?!

Worse still, these things enter our minds and take a throne they have no business sitting on.

Isn’t that what we are continually faced with? Payment for a monthly subscription equals payment to have garbage thrown at you!

Can we have adverts, music and home videos that are devoid of sheer nudity and embarrassing scenes? Don’t tell me to watch only Faith channel and one Gospel, I already know what to expect. The point is, do we have to stay on one channel to stay sane? I fear so!

If you enjoy nudity in the name of entertainment, then this is not for you, for you are getting the full value of your money on a platter. But if you don’t, then I am afraid our options are limited.

My worry is that we are doing little or nothing about this. Our kids now know how to bypass PG control and feed their eyes with all the junk oozing out from that box. This is pathetic.

Even if these things are forced on us on the streets, it shouldn’t be so in our own homes. Our homes should be a shelter from the raging storms of moral decadence, a shade from the scorching heat of scantily clad, low-life, attention-hungry folks who would do anything to flaunt their bodies.

Friends, the things you are taking in through your eyes and ears are what forms you. As you take them in, they form you.

That’s why it’s called “In-formation” – you take it in, it forms you!

Finally, let me ask: What have you been listening to? What have you been watching? What about your data subscription? What do you pay for when you buy a data bundle? Do you take the pain of recharging your phone only to be rewarded with so much nudity banging on your screen? Or have you carved out a niche for your self to stay sane and maintain your peace of mind.

Let me close with the words of my Pastor, Tony Raphael “Not everything they put up on the screen is for you. It is only a dustbin that takes in everything that everyone throws into it. Decide what you take in!”

To this I echo… Don’t be a dustbin!

Have a splendid weekend!

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