Hi Ladies, how is it going over there? The harmattan is setting in gradually and I hope y’all enjoying it.

In today’s post, I would love to remind us about something that is gradually becoming a lost virtue in our time. When I thought about it, I was worried it would go extinct but when I remembered I have you all, I was encouraged.

This fruit of the Spirit came to light in my mind while I was studying about the fruit of the Spirit in my devotional. I realized that it has almost become a forgotten act in our times. I don’t intend to isolate it from the other fruit of the Spirit because we all know that though they are nine in number, they come from one Spirit and He produces all of them in us as we let Him. So don’t say I want the fruit of Love, but I really don’t need self-control. We don’t pick and choose, we allow the Holy Spirit in us to express Himself through these acts of love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, meekness, self-control, faithfulness, goodness. Every single day, we exude these bouts of spiritual energy and grace to those around us.

Now to the forgotten act of kindness, I went on to learn more about kindness and I realized it’s a doing word. Let me first say that it’s not something we try to conjure up so as to say we are being kind but it’s something that flows from our lives as a result of Gods work in us. I learnt that kindness is a warm disposition of good will towards others irrespective of who they are or what they have done- Selwyn Hughes (paraphrased).

I had to start asking myself if I have been allowing this fruit flow through me. We live in a world that is fast-paced and self centered and our flesh is not even helping matters, all it wants is for itself. Sometimes I find myself caught in this web too, getting things, doing things, learning things all for myself. But this shouldn’t be so. We must not forget the act of kindness no matter how small it may seem, going out of our way to lend a helping hand. I remember when I had just left school; I volunteered to work for a Pharmacy because I just wanted to learn more. Even when I wasn’t paid, I derived joy from the feedback I was getting from the patients and even my chief was most grateful, he saw it as an act of kindness and always thanked me for it. Though he later decided on his own to pay me at some point, but when I set out to do it, I made up my mind to do it voluntarily and I also took up another paying job in another place, but I kept doing the unpaid one because I felt I was lending a helping hand. You must not do the same thing I did, go ahead and be creative about it. It must not even be in one big way like that, just meet a need around you and you won’t ever regret it.

Also, we can display this fruit in our relationship with one another. We can choose to be kind and not respond the way of the flesh. All I am saying is treat people with kindness treat them like you would treat Christ Himself. This may be difficult if you try to do it with your own strength, but when you let the Holy Spirit work in and through you, it becomes a lifestyle. Kindness is an act and also a way of life.

God has shown kindness to you, now let Him show kindness through you.

Let’s spur one another unto good works. Instead of arguing who said what and to whom, we can choose to be kind with our words, it’s not only about giving. You can speak a kind word to someone’s heart. Remember, as recipients of Gods immeasurable kindness, nothing we do can atone for our lack of kindness towards others.

This is me kindly saying have a beautiful weekend. Don’t forget to be kind.

Much Love.

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