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We all have family and friends that we care deeply about and wish well in life, but sometimes when relating with them things don’t always go as we expected it.

Today I’ll be sharing a few things I learned recently on how to keep your cool when relating with others.

After I had my baby, lots of my friends and family reached out to me, the calls and messages were so much that I was literarily overwhelmed and my husband had to help me reply a good number of them.

A few of my friends also promised to call and visit but guess what? They never did or better put, they haven’t done so.

Two ladies stood out for me; one is my contemporary while the other is a much older person.

For sometime, I got offended and wondered why they never bothered to call let alone visit (though one sent a text, but you know; there are some people who you expect more from).

After a while, I started making excuses for them. Maybe their phone went bad or got stolen or they weren’t feeling fine. Maybe they lost a relative or they travelled out of town or got so busy that they can’t call.

So I decided I will reach out to them. Somehow, I came to a point I knew excuses were not enough, I needed to understand that walking in love meant I still loved others no matter what they did or did not do.

So here are three things you should do when people don’t behave the way you expected them to:

Always give people the benefit of the doubt when you don’t understand why they are behaving in a certain way.

Whatever excuses they may have doesn’t always mean that they don’t care. In fact, make excuses for them and let them be.

Some people have a whole lot going on in their life that they haven’t told you and may never tell you. They need all the space and time they can get because they are already overwhelmed.

So give people the benefit of the doubt, or better still forgive them even when it hurts and even when there is no explanation for their behaviour.

This may be hard; in fact, sometimes I worry that my benefit of the doubt may finish. Lol. But thanks to the Holy Spirit who always helps our infirmities.

Not everyone takes you the way you take them. You may think you are very special to someone, but you are not. Hope I didn’t shock you!

But the truth is that they don’t see you the way you see them, though you may have been close in the past but not anymore, and it’s fine. Life happens.

You must understand that nobody owes you anything in life. Don’t ever feel entitled to receive special treatment from anyone regardless of what you have done for them in the past. Everything you receive is a gift.

Reach out to people you haven’t heard from. They may be needing more support than you. Stop waiting for them to call you first.

Learn to look beyond yourself since the world doesn’t revolve around you.

Forget about yourself and your needs and focus on helping others meet theirs.

Finally, people are your greatest assets in life. Never take anyone for granted no matter what they have done to you in the past.

Learn to value your relationships more than your interests. Be the one to reach out and maintain your relationships, that’s what it means to be a peacemaker.

Don’t win the fight and lose your friend or family.

People over things
People over fights
People over ego!

Have a great week ahead!

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