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Book Review: Every Youth

Title: Every Youth Author: Nnamdi Ozioko Year of Publication: 2018 Pages: 138   When was the last time you read a book? Nnamdi says in Every Youth that a lot of people not only graduated from the University but graduated from reading too. I hope this doesn’t describe you! No one should nurse a phobia …


Misplaced Priorities

Hello Lovelies, Today, I will be sharing my thoughts on a subject that has been on my heart for a while. It’s about our priorities in life. Our lives can get cluttered, and filled with so much stuff that we sometimes can’t pick out the things that really matter. We easily mix things up and …


Hadiza’s Diary

Today, you will be reading a story written by Hadiza (not real name). She shares excerpts from her diary and wants to let the world in on the battles she has to fight as a young lady just to get education. It’s so sad that these practices have continued till this day.