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Shopping For Your Big Day

Hy Ladies, Pulling off a wedding ceremony in recent times is not an easy feat especially if you are not using a planner, and even if u have one, you may still need to be involved in buying things. Weddings involve the entire family, friends and loved ones, hence adequate preparation is needed. It’s a …


Dear Bride to be

I remember the first time I sat with my fiancé in our first marriage counselling session. The Reverend gave us an assignment for each of us to write down what we wanted from the other person as a spouse, stating it clearly and starting with words like “I want Emmanuel/Chinasa to…


After the wedding

Hey guys, Breaking News…!!! Drums rolling….. I am so excited. Guess what? A lot of my friends got married this year and trust me, I loved seeing them say I DO. Some weeks ago, I buzzed them and asked them to share their thoughts about life after the wedding and they gladly obliged. So today, …