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How to trust again

Hey guys, This post has been a long time coming. Everyday, I am reminded that I need to share this on my blog and I keep telling myself that I’ll wait till I have learned the lesson completely, but recently, I realised it’s gonna take a lifetime. And with all that has happened this year, …


Peace on duty

 I love the word Garrison.  It has become my new found favourite word because I now understand it more after staying in an Army barracks and watching the soldiers on duty for some months.  Garrison is a military term that is used to describe a fortified military post where troops are stationed.  Did you notice …


My New Year Resolution

Are you confused about the whole talk about New Year Resolution? How they are not important, How you can never keep them and How you easily forget them along the way? I shared my take on this and I made it pretty simple. Find out how you can disentangle yourself from endless lists of what to do and not do and simply walk in the path God has designed for you. Your year will be fruitful and fulfilling!