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The Sword of the Spirit

As we draw our study on “The whole armour of God” to a close, we are reminded to take up the word of God in our fight against the enemy. Remember that Jesus overcame temptation by the word of God. Without God’s infallible word, we are defenseless against the devils traps. When we speak God’s …


The Helmet of Salvation

Have you ever driven through any major road on a Sunday morning say 10am and observed how deserted the roads are? When you compare this with the hustle and bustle of Monday morning, you will agree with me that there is a huge difference. This is because a large percentage of the populace are in …


The Shield of Faith

The people we read about in the Bible exercised their faith to please God, some of them died without receiving the promise- results. But they were content with the fact that they obeyed God and pleased Him. They were willing to die believing God! This good report can only be obtained by Faith.