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My first birthday gift from my husband

So few days to my birthday, I met my husband. I remember it so well that it seems like yesterday. We had just finished talking on one of those our casual meetings and he mindlessly asked “When is your birthday?” “It’s on 30th.” I answered briefly. He was shocked. “This month? That’s next week?!” “Yes.” …


Long Distance Relationship

For the most part of my courtship with my husband, we were in different states. Actually, we have both drank of and swam in the waters of long distance relationship. When we started our relationship, we planned to see each other every month. But guess what? That resolve was tested every step of the way. …


Book Review: A Marriage Beyond The Dream

She was 15, He was 17. You would say they hit it off rather too early and I think I agree. Worse still, they weren’t born again so they practically married as unbelievers. Oh, did I forget to mention? They were both from broken homes but today they can boldly say they are living the dream in their marriage- after over forty years.


Dear Bride to be

I remember the first time I sat with my fiancé in our first marriage counselling session. The Reverend gave us an assignment for each of us to write down what we wanted from the other person as a spouse, stating it clearly and starting with words like “I want Emmanuel/Chinasa to…


After the wedding

Hey guys, Breaking News…!!! Drums rolling….. I am so excited. Guess what? A lot of my friends got married this year and trust me, I loved seeing them say I DO. Some weeks ago, I buzzed them and asked them to share their thoughts about life after the wedding and they gladly obliged. So today, …


How far is too far?

A lot of times, I get to talk with friends, colleagues and people around and a prominent question remains on the hearts of many young people on the matter of sexual purity: How far is too far? Even in church, since we all know that fornication is a sin we begin to ask questions like; …