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Book Review: A Marriage Beyond The Dream

She was 15, He was 17. You would say they hit it off rather too early and I think I agree. Worse still, they weren’t born again so they practically married as unbelievers. Oh, did I forget to mention? They were both from broken homes but today they can boldly say they are living the dream in their marriage- after over forty years.


Dear Bride to be

I remember the first time I sat with my fiancé in our first marriage counselling session. The Reverend gave us an assignment for each of us to write down what we wanted from the other person as a spouse, stating it clearly and starting with words like “I want Emmanuel/Chinasa to…


A Letter To Our Fathers

Some years ago, I stumbled on a post on the internet that asked the question: “Ladies, will you marry a man like your Father?” Because I had thought of it myself and my answer was in the negative, I took my time to go through the comments and over 90% of responses went South: “Hell …


Reluctantly Adulting Episode 9

It was Friday evening, Kamsi’s favourite time of the week. She was on her way home from work and couldn’t wait to hit her bed, her favourite place in her room. The way Kamsi rushed home after work everyday, one would think she had a husband and a suckling child to cater for. She literarily …


Reluctantly Adulting Episode 8

That was the beginning of several visits Kamsi made to the hospital to see Philly’s mom and she enjoyed every moment she spent with her. Mrs. George told her lots of stories and they laughed a lot. She was really a nice person and she was very kind to her. Kamsi wondered why God would …


26 Lessons

Hey guys, If you look closely at this picture, you will observe that there is a pen, a pencil, a sharpener and an eraser. Over the years, I have learned some things that I hold dearly, they are written on the tablets of my heart with an indelible ink. Others, I have loosely held on …