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The Benefit of The Doubt

Hey guys, We all have family and friends that we care deeply about and wish well in life, but sometimes when relating with them things don’t always go as we expected it. Today I’ll be sharing a few things I learned recently on how to keep your cool when relating with others. After I had …


The Miracle of a New Life

Hey guys! I’ve got a big news!!! Drum rolls! Drum rolls!! Drum rolls!!! So recently, I became a mother. A first time mom at that! Truly, I cannot put the feeling in plain English language. So don’t blame me if words fail me to talk about it. I’m still ecstatic with joy and every single …


Long Distance Relationship

For the most part of my courtship with my husband, we were in different states. Actually, we have both drank of and swam in the waters of long distance relationship. When we started our relationship, we planned to see each other every month. But guess what? That resolve was tested every step of the way. …


Love Has A Name

Hey guys, Let me tell you a story. It’s the story of the first guy that ‘chyked’ me. I was only 12, about to turn 13 and officially become a proper teenager. His name was Uche (never got to know his surname). He was a relative of my Uncles’ wife and we had all come …


God or Sugar Dzaddy

I remember when I finished secondary school and wrote entrance examination into the University, I went for a special all night prayer meeting to collect my admission letter from God. I was told that if I prayed long and hard enough, God would have no choice than to give me admission by force. So I …


Book Review: A Marriage Beyond The Dream

She was 15, He was 17. You would say they hit it off rather too early and I think I agree. Worse still, they weren’t born again so they practically married as unbelievers. Oh, did I forget to mention? They were both from broken homes but today they can boldly say they are living the dream in their marriage- after over forty years.