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Mere wishes?

There is barely any human being who doesn’t have wishes, desires and dreams. Everybody does but the only thing that differentiates us is that some put their hands to work while others sit around and just…wish. Sometimes we voice our wishes, we say things like “I wish I was working in so and so company”, …


The Shield of Faith

The people we read about in the Bible exercised their faith to please God, some of them died without receiving the promise- results. But they were content with the fact that they obeyed God and pleased Him. They were willing to die believing God! This good report can only be obtained by Faith.


The Whole Armour of God

If you are like me and you are tired of all these ‘kill my enemies’ prayers prevalent in our generation or you are really angry especially because it has become a norm, you will agree with me that we need to understand what true spiritual warfare is about. In the weeks to come, I will …