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Book Review: More or Less

More or Less is not a-fold-your-hands-and-read book, No! It is an action book. I cleared my wardrobe before I was done reading it. I gave out stuffs I have been procrastinating giving out. You know those excesses we keep telling ourselves we should leave for ‘just-in-case’ situations? Yea, I threw them out cos those ‘just-in-case’ situations never came, they never will.


Chrisitianese eBook is out!

After I left school, I needed a place of worship. I went from Church to Church because I was looking for a perfect Church. I literarily sampled a couple of Churches with my ‘spirishual’ goggles and disqualified them on my own terms. “Hey Church, your music is not good enough, your Choir is not ‘tight’. …