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The Shield of Faith

The people we read about in the Bible exercised their faith to please God, some of them died without receiving the promise- results. But they were content with the fact that they obeyed God and pleased Him. They were willing to die believing God! This good report can only be obtained by Faith.


Christianese 18

“…God who said let there be light has caused his light to shine into our hearts. But this light doesn’t stop with us, He also said in the book of Matthew: “You are the light of the world.” There is no point fussing over the darkness in the world, God knew of it and made …


Christianese 15

Bringing the service to an end proved to be a difficult task. People were so lost that nobody bothered about what time it was. Nobody even noticed it was already past 12 pm; the children department had dismissed and few of the older ones were strolling into the adult church. Pastor Emeka was the person …


Christianese 5

“Stop that driver pleaseee, look at what he has done” the woman cried out.   The driver was already speeding off. It was obvious he did it on purpose and didn’t want to stop; all efforts made to get him to a halt didn’t pay off as he zoomed off. The woman was left there …