Author: Jackie Mize

Year of publication: 1993

Pages: 124

There was a time in my life when I was not only scared of getting married, but got really scared of being pregnant. For me, pregancy and delivery was a big deal and I didn’t have any option than to await my own share of the proceeds of Eve’s disobedience. 

You know we have been made to beleive that women are cursed in childbirth and have to go through 9 months of carrying a heavy load, the whole discomfort, pain and restlessness followed by hours of agonizng labour and delivery before experiencing the joys of motherhood.

So like every other person, I believed eveything; hook, line and sinker!

Apart from believing this, I have watched several women go through labour pains in the labour room during my hospital postings and finally resigned myself to the fate that one day, I would tow the same path. 

This thought terrified me even with all my knowledge of the cross and how Jesus has delivered us from the curse of the law.

But alas; everything changed after I read Supernatural Childbirth!

The first time I heard about this book was while listening to Pastor Bankie’s message some years back. I remember dismissing it as just another testimony of how a barren woman conceived but last month I ran into a roadside bookseller and bought a copy, I read the book and discovered it was way more than that.

Supernatural Childbirth is a book for every woman who believes in God and wants to experience motherhood God’s way!

Jackie Mize was told by the doctor that she would be unable to bear any child, but when she told her husband that she was barren, he simply asked “Who said that?” That was the beginning of their journey from refusing what a man said to accepting and experiencing what God says.

Shout out to all the faith-filled hubands who will stand by their wives and believe God for the impossible. This was what Jackie and her husband Terry Mize did and together, they had four amazing kids.

In this book, Jackie explained how God made her understand the difference between pain and muscle contractions and how she trusted God and went ahead to have her babies without any pain. So you see, God didn’t not just give her babies, He taught her how to have them without pain.

I have learnt that pain is under the curse and Jesus has redeemmed us from the curse of the law. God doesnt want us to go through hell just to give birth, except if we choose to accept something that Jesus had done away with.

Whether you are pregnant or expecting or you have someone who is or who has had miscarriages, Supernatural Childbirth is a book they must read.

And for you my fellow single fella; Nne, this is the best time to gulp in this truth, flush it down your spine with worded prayers and let it permeate into every nerve and fibre of your being until it sips out of your lips in daily confessions and conversations with friends.

This is one way to start building up your faith before the big day!

I am already trusting and beleiving God for a painless, troublefree conception, pregnancy and delivery without any complications. This, I believe is the will of God!

Maybe the doctor says you can’t have children, or you are pregnant and other ‘experienced’ mothers say you must go through hell to push forth your baby, believe me, they are not bad people but they are only talking from their own knowledge and experience.

There is a better way!

Find out what God says in this book (it is laced with countless scriptures you can pray with) and decide whose report will you believe.

You don’t have to die while giving birth, neither do you have to look miserable, be irritable, ugly and displeasing to your husband when pregnant. You can be strong, more beautiful, loving and still graciously carry your offspring to term and deliver in a sweet and supernatural way.

Which do you choose…?

The natural or the supernatural?

Be wise, grab Supernatural Childbirth already.

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