Title: The Birth of Revival
Artist: Minister Dunsin Oyekan
Release date: 22nd January 2023
Number of songs: 14

Last month, “Uncle Asher” went to the throne room and into the very heart of God to download some very dangerous sounds into the earth. It landed and I quickly yanked them all into my phone.

One of the things I always do when I hear a new song is to put it on repeat so I can take it all in but this was a whole album and trust me; this is the first time I put an entire album on repeat for three whole weeks and I am yet to get over it.

From the first day minister Dunsin released “The Birth of Revival”, it has been on repeat and I haven’t played any other song on my phone.

Respect Sir!

I have tried severally to pick my favourite song from this album but it’s so hard to pick one and leave the other. This album so much resonates with me that I literarily love every thing about it- beats, lyrics, dance and of course the spiritual atmosphere.

Minister Dunsin began this album with the intro song “Marantha” a song that beckons on the arrival of the King. As part of the protocol of a King, he welcomes our King with this call and heart cry into our generation.

The he goes ahead to spread forth His praises and fill the room with worship in “Let your sound”. This song is so deep that you’ll be lost in worship before the next song.

I sang it so much that it was the first track my son learnt to sing along with me. While listening, you can literarily feel the presence of God gripping you and yanking you off to a two-aside with the King.

“When I see you” is the next track that will have you dancing, jumping and screaming at the same time.

Anytime I’m listening to it, I begin to imagine all the things I’ll do when I see my maker! Wow! I always wonder what I’ll do first, dance, shout, jump or will I even faint? But I’ll definitely praise Him, that’s why the next song “Yahweh be Praised” will have you pouring forth praises to God because indeed, He is all that matters.

As we continue to praise, we have access to the heart of God and see how He yearns for everyone to be saved.

We move on to intercede for our generation with “We stand in the Gap”. This song is a prayer of commitment to serve Jesus for life. Dunsin calls out for the remnants who he believes are not few like we are made to believe but are very many. I totally agree.

The next song where Dunsin features Mercy Chinwo is a show stopper but this is definitely not a show. However, I’ll like to say that even the angels stopped to hear this powerful rendition of “Who is on the Lord’s side”.

The kind of power exuding from this song can light up the entire globe because these two are an electrifying combo. As they sang, I just knew the devil is in trouble because we all on the Lord’s side and the enemy will always bow in defeat.

Like I mentioned earlier, every track is so deep that you can’t pick a favorite because this worship is not about you or me; it’s different- it’s all about God. As Dunsin begins this declaration in “Holy is the Lord” a heartfelt worship rises to our maker- this is why he made us.

The next track “Crown of souls” is a very deep and spiritual song where we come before our great King to lay souls before Him in worship. If you haven’t been evangelizing and winning souls for the King, this is a call to begin. We are indeed His trophies and we bring more souls as trophies to His feet.

If you love some holy reggae, then the next song “The Great Revivalist” will definitely be your favourite. Dunsin reaffirms that together with the Holy Spirit, we will change the world.

I particularly love the blast of some Holy Ghost tongues in this track, it always gives me that ‘crush the devil’s head’ vibes all the time.

In “Oh to Love you (Conversation with the Father)” Dunsin shares a very heartfelt, intimate time of worship where he asked God for more power and fire but in return, God told him all he needed was more Love. Wow! Just wow! More Love Lord!

“I will stay” is one song that I’ll settle for if you put a gun to my head and say I must pick a favorite song! This song is a classic! Dunsin beckons on us to linger some more on the altar and wait on the Lord.

When we wait, we drink from the living water, get satisfied and overflow into our generation, for this is what the nations need. I can spend an entire day just lingering on this song.

In “Because He is, I am” we celebrate who we are in Christ and what He has done for us. We are born of God and we have overcome the world! Hallelujah!

We already know the song “Finger of God” Dunsin included it in this album and rightly so. We need to constantly remind ourselves that all we are and have is not by our power or might but by the very finger of God at work in us. This should always be our heart disposition as well as our response to people when they ask for our source or secret.

Finally, we have the “Benediction” where Dunsin blended the love of the Father, the Grace of the Son and the fellowship of the Spirit into a powerful melody in a spectacular way to end this amazing album. What a way to sign off this divine project!

What are you still waiting for? This album is for you and for all times, whether you are praying, worshiping or dancing. I had to go and watch the Live album recording over and over but let me not talk about it because words will not be enough.

I really wonder how those who attended were able to stay in their skin all through the recording.

I don’t even want to talk about the tongues Dunsin spoke in this album because they are tongues of angels. You can’t help but pray along.

When you hear a man begin to pray beyond himself for nations, then you know he has touched the very heart of God. May God bless Minister Dunsin Oyekan and his team and continue to pour into them for the nations.

PS: I tried to count the number of “Asherrrr” and “We insist! We persist!” He said in this album, but I definitely lost count. All thanks to Uncle Asher!

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