Hy guys,

Everyone of us at one point or the other have posted on one or more social media platforms. We like to share our thoughts, experiences, pictures and even food with the world and sometimes, we just rant or simply share the moment.

In fact some people actually live on social media. Haha!

So today, I’ll be sharing some vital tips that’ll help you communicate better without loosing your sanity or getting side tracked into looming cyber fights and endless arguments.

First, I’ll be asking us to re-evaluate our motives for saying or posting something online.

What exactly do you want to achieve? This is going to affect your reaction to the outcome of your post.

I must admit that social media can be a very crazy place and to the best of our ability, some of us try our best to stay away.

But these days, it’s near impossible to do that, so we are left with no choice than to manage our space there and try to stay on our lane while maintaining our sanity.

If you post regularly on any social media platform, you are at risk of attracting different opinions and having different people draw up conclusions from what you said and what you did not say.

Some are mannered and others are not, some you know and others you don’t, but you have to deal with everyone with wisdom.

I am aware there are people who come to ‘bully’ others on social media while some come to offload their frustrations on innocent people.

If somehow, these people find their way to your timeline, it simply means they will read unintended meanings into what you said and you’ll be dealing with issues you are not even aware of.

So if like me, you want to maintain your sanity, here’s my advice:

Stop depending on ‘online family’ for your validation and approval. If you are looking for acceptance online, you may be getting it from the wrong source and it only lasts for as long as you dance to their tune and dish out nice lines.

Think through your reactions. Even when you didn’t think much about a post you made, when it raises some dust, never be quick to reply or react. Pause and think long about what you want to say to someone in response. Dont talk out of anger or spite and say words you will want to take back later.

Stop going back to check how many likes you have. Some people like posts without even reading them and clicking the like button does not always depict how one feels neither does the number of likes and followers always show that your life is on point. Everyone is entitled to their own opinion and anyone can get as many likes as possible with the right lines.

Stop stealing on social media. Don’t copy someone’s post and make it yours without mentioning your source. I call it stealing! This may sound funny but seriously, that’s what it is.

The things you see online are not always the way they are in real life. A lot of things we see online are not real, people only show us what they want us to see.

We already know about the effects and editings people go through to achieve perfection. Be wise and don’t compare your life to whatever you see on the screen. Never lose your peace!

If you are building your brand or business, keep it strictly professional. Be courteous, nice and tactful. Don’t get sidetracked and don’t allow anyone to draw you into fights and arguments. This will be detrimental to your business.

This week and always, try your best to stay on your lane and make sure you have a beautiful week ahead.

Much Love!

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