Many times in our walk with God, we are so much in a hurry that our moments with Him become an item to be ticked off on our to-do list instead of an encounter. We easily zoom off and…forget.

Spiritual journaling is one act that is being lost in our time.

Do you ever get to write down your experiences with God? We have been taught to write down our goals, dreams and aspirations. These things are good. But what about our journey with God, our heart felt prayers, divine instructions and direct commands?

Looking through the Bible, we read the journals men kept of their walk with God. We can read them today because they wrote them down in their time.

They took the discipline and pain to pen down these encounters and God took it upon himself to preserve them for our learning. We have them now because men wrote them many years ago.

Recently, I went on a journey through my “word note” or what you may call my “Spiritual journal” and it was a time of refreshing. I saw things I wrote down years and months ago that I didn’t even remember. I came across promises, prayers and convictions that I would otherwise have forgotten.

So today, I will be sharing Six benefits of keeping a spiritual journal with the hope that you will imbibe this noble virtue and if you already have, be encouraged and know that you are not alone.

How many things have we asked of the Lord and he did them without us even recognising let alone remembering to thank him?

When you write down your prayers, you keep them before God as a remembrance and when he answers, you will not forget to thank him.

I write my prayers down and when God answers, I tick it off and thank him. This has saved me from vain repetitions, needless worries and double mindedness.

Keeping a spiritual journal helps you keep track of God’s faithfulness and be grateful to him.

Unwavering Trust in God.
Knowledge of what God has done in the past helps you to trust him for the present and the future. When you go through hard times, your faith can be strengthened by what you have known and seen God do in the past.

A lot of times, we are confronted by seemingly impossible situations and our faith appears weak, this is a time to “remember.” Remember what he has said to you, remember what he has done in you, for you and through you, and receive courage in the face of fears!

One of the things that has kept me trusting God when I face challenges these days is that I go back to read what he has done for me in the past. “God did this one before, he will do it again now and even more.” This gives me so much hope and faith to hang in no matter the circumstance.

It is a gift to Posterity.
Have you ever imagined that your kids will one day have questions about the faith you profess?

They may also want to know how you navigated your teen age and young adulthood. Your spiritual journal will be a rich source of inspiration to them and help lead them to know God for themselves.

They will read about your experiences with God and that way, you will be communicating your faith. They will come in contact with your passion even when you are no more.

Don’t let what God is doing in you stop with you.

God tells who cares.
You remember how students who go for lectures without writing materials are being treated? Some are sent out of the class and others are reprimanded.

Having a pen and book with which you come before the Lord is a sign of willingness to learn and being teachable. It shows you are expecting something from Him and he is always willing to teach and instruct.

But if you are lazy and lackadaisical about your walk with God, you will likely feed from the crumbs on the floor. If you want to dine with the king, you must show a willingness to listen and learn.

God is always speaking… Never forget that!

It is a book of remembrance.
It is vain to write volumes and never go back to read them. If all you do is write without revisiting your notes, you are not likely going to do well in the exam of life.

Truth is, you can’t and won’t remember everything you hear, but when you write them down, you can always retrieve the information.

Before entering any phase of life, God prepares us by giving us words to guide us but because our minds are finite, we easily forget. When temptations come, we begin to yell at God as though it was his fault.

Whatever God says to you, whether they are prayers, precepts or promises; write them down. Whether manually or electronically, just make sure it’s in black and white; they will serve as lamp for your feet no matter where you go.

It is a sign of growth.
When I went through my journal, I smiled at some things I wrote some years back and laughed at others. I shook my head at some and thanked God that I now know better. Yet, there are some I will never take lightly.

Our faith and knowledge is progressive, more are being added to us everyday and we keep getting better. Some revelations you had about God and about yourself yesterday were only foundational to building an edifice of truth.

You will need to go back from time to time to evaluate and relearn. So don’t be afraid to plunge deeper, unlearn and reflect on what you have learned. That’s what growth is all about and this is easier when you keep a journal of your journey!

There is no better time to start than this new month.

If you need help on keeping a journal, kindly write me in the comment box or send an email. I will be glad to help.

Have a blessed week ahead!

See you in May!

Much Love!

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