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Pulling off a wedding ceremony in recent times is not an easy feat especially if you are not using a planner, and even if u have one, you may still need to be involved in buying things.

Weddings involve the entire family, friends and loved ones, hence adequate preparation is needed. It’s a time of celebration, happiness and lots of laughter and no one would want to ruin the moment.

When planning for a wedding, two important things you must consider even before fixing your date are: timing and resources.

By timing I mean the season of the year you want to have your wedding and how much time you have to prepare for it, and by resources I mean the available finances and manpower.

People say you need lots of money for a wedding but let me also add that you need people too.

Today, I’ll be sharing ten tips I know will help in planning and shopping for your big day.

Have a budget
Having a budget will help you know and estimate how much you are willing to spend on different items. There’ll be lots of spendings to do and a budget helps you not just to spend wisely but also to prioritize your spending.

There are certain things that shouldn’t take a large percentage of your total budget, if you draw up your budget, you’ll be able to place every item in their rightful spending limit. It is important to know how much you have and how much you are willing to spend on a particular item and stick to it.

Another good thing about budgeting is that it helps you choose your vendors. There are some vendors that you shouldn’t even consider if you have a very tight budget.

This doesn’t mean you should go for people that won’t deliver or who do low quality jobs but that you should know your level in life and stay there.

Truth remains that, if you plan well and in time, you’ll be able to get good vendors and negotiate within your budget.

While planning for our wedding, Hubby and I decided we wouldn’t owe anybody on our wedding night. All balances must be cleared on or before the wedding and we worked towards it.

I cut out extraneous things especially things we could do without and fit the rest into the budget. If you want to do same, you have to make up your mind on the kind of wedding you want.

I personally will not advice anyone to have a talk of the town wedding with lavish spendings and end up in debts afterwards.

Start shopping in good time

It is not possible to shop for a wedding in one day, you have to start buying the things you need gradually.

Start buying things in good time so you won’t forget them or be pressured into buying at a higher cost close to your wedding day. You should have a handy notepad where you write things down as soon as you remember them.

Don’t fight with your FiancĂ©
Because of increasing pressure and anxiety, you two are susceptible to quarrels and disagreements and they may happen more often than usual.

If you have differing preferences about a particular item, it’s best not to purchase it until you come to a common ground.

Remember, it’s the two of you against the world! In-laws, family and friends will give their opinion but always make sure you are in agreement with your fiancĂ©.

Stay within your budget
It is one thing to have a budget but it’s another thing to stick to your budget. I noticed that when shopping, you’ll see lots of nice things in the market and you’ll be tempted to buy them.

This happened to me a lot of times but one phrase always saved the day “To the seeing of fine things, there’ll be no end.” This slang I coined saved me from purchasing things I would have regretted. I always reminded myself that I’ll always see nice things to buy.

So my dear, don’t buy impulsively, but stick to your plan. You’ll be happy you did.

Don’t buy things you cannot afford and don’t fall for vendors who want to sweet talk you into buying expensive things using the phrase “Wedding is only once in a life time, spend your money.”

While it is true that wedding is done just once, it’s not wise to go broke afterwards or buy things that are outrageous.

While shopping, focus your spending on items you can still use after the wedding rather than those that will only serve for a day. For example: nobody uses the traditional hand fan after the wedding but the shoe can be worn afterwards.

Save. Save. Save
I will also recommend you have some amount of money kept aside and saved for life after the wedding. Don’t spend all your savings while shopping and don’t depend on the money people will spray on you.

Never plan with money you have not received
During our wedding period, a very rich relative called my husband and promised to send us a huge amount of money the next week.

We were happy but you know what? We never planned with it. We did not calculate it as money we had because it hadn’t come and guess what? It never came.

We were not even surprised because we already decided we weren’t going to plan our wedding based on other peoples pockets or bug them to send us money.

We wanted to use what we had and what was available.

The truth is many people will give you money and lots of gifts. But don’t bank on them because they are human beings and have their own lives and family to cater for.

Nobody owes you anything just because you are getting married. Afterall, nobody forced you into it. So stop being angry or disappointed by those who didn’t give no matter who they are.

Sometimes, money comes from where you least expected while those you thought will give the most may not give at all. They are not bad people, that’s just the way life is.

I beg you, don’t budget on money someone promised you and don’t also go around begging people for money for a wedding. It’s not nice.

Accept anything someone gives with a grateful heart and use it wisely.

Plan for your honeymoon alongside
A lot of people forget to plan for their honey moon. You’ll need plenty of rest and relaxation after all is said and done. Plan on the location, money and activities. Fit it into your wedding budget and don’t allow yourself to be left high and dry after everyone has gone to their house. The best time to plan for this is before the wedding.

Involve your friends while planning
People are your greatest resources. Don’t plan in isolation. Involve your friends and learn to delegate. Have them follow up on some of your vendors and don’t do it all by yourself.

Trusted friends are a resource money cannot buy. Let them help in making decisions especially during shopping. This helps a lot.

Relax, Rest and Be Refreshed
Relax, Rest and refresh yourself. You may feel unprepared many times, nobody ever gets fully prepard but one thing is sure; if you give it your best you’ll be happy afterwards and that’s all that matters.

Ask the Holy Spirit
I had to save the best for the last! No matter how much you think you have, never forget to ask the Holy Spirit to help you. Pray about every single thing no matter how small it is. His wisdom will save you from lots of mistakes while shopping.

He’ll guide you in your choices and help you get the best.

I look forward to hearing from you and I’ll be glad to help if you have any questions. Don’t forget to share and let me know what you are thinking in the comment box.

Have a blessed week!

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