It was Friday evening, Kamsi’s favourite time of the week. She was on her way home from work and couldn’t wait to hit her bed, her favourite place in her room.

The way Kamsi rushed home after work everyday, one would think she had a husband and a suckling child to cater for. She literarily ran home. Not like there was anything special about her house, she just liked being behind closed doors in the comfort of her room and away from the noise of city life and everybody else.

Even her neighbours wondered why she was always indoors and never came out to partake in their street gossips. They only saw her when she left for work in the mornings and when she came back in the evenings. She would greet them and zoom into her room as though they would bite if she lingered.

Kamsi simply liked the thought of having the house all to herself, she loved her privacy and did all she could to maintain it.

As she got into her house, she got a call from Emeka. He wanted them to hang out. She reluctantly agreed after much persuasion, he was set to bring her out of her shelf, just like he said he would.

Isn’t that what boyfriends are for? To alter you schedule and spoil you with fun? Now that she had one, she had better started living like it. After all it was Friday night, her schedule was almost blank, except for the movie she got from Peace that she planned to see. That could wait.

Emeka knew how to persuade her and he wouldn’t take no for an answer. This was the kind of guy she wanted. One who would pursue her the way Nigerian Doctors were pursuing Canadian visa.

One who would tear down all her walls and chase her down to her roots, breaking every resistance and sweeping her off her feet. Not someone like Philly who would spend eternity trying to make up his mind on what he wanted and another gazillion years gearing up to go after it.

Emeka was Kamsi’s new friend; boyfriend to be precise- the first guy should could confidently call her boyfriend. She liked the sound of it: “Hi, meet my boyfriend, Emeka.”

Five weeks ago Emeka officially asked her out and she agreed, partly because she wanted to distract herself from thoughts of Philly and partly because she wanted to have a boyfriend just for the fun of it. After all, she was of age and it wouldn’t hurt to have a taste of what it felt like, one could never tell, it might go far.

Now, she had someone who knew how to pamper her and make her feel like a woman. Someone who would pursue and woo her like she was the only girl on earth. She let go of all her theories of purposeful dating and went in full gear into a relationship with Emeka. It felt good, very good!

Gradually, Kamsi began to like Emeka. He was a nice guy, quiet but fun to be with. It’s not like Emeka was entirely new to her, she had know him from back in the days when she was still at home with her parents.

He was her cousin’s family friend meaning he was family. They had stayed that way and talked occasionally until Emeka moved into town few months back and buzzed her. He had just passed his primaries and got a residency slot at the Teaching Hospital. He called to tell her that he was coming into town.

That was how they reconnected and things started slowly as she helped him settle in and show him around town. They became paddies and saw each other more often. Soon, Emeka asked Kamsi out on a date and she agreed. That was the beginning of their friendship. Emeka was a cool guy who knew what he wanted and went for it straight up, unlike Philly who was dilly-dallying.

Soon, Kamsi began to loose touch with Philly.  They were practically growing apart and for a moment, she was relieved to forget about Philly and all the uncertainties that surrounded him. They spoke less except for the occasional “Hello” and “How are you doing?” He was ‘over there’ and she was ‘down here’ and very soon, they would get used to it.

But one thing remained- she still went to visit his mother at the hospital though it was less frequent. She had built an unbreakable bond with her that didn’t end with Philly. They had become great friends.

Kamsi continously postponed telling Philly about Emeka and he never bothered to ask if she was seeing any guy. That confirmed her doubts and she made up her mind she would never mention it to him. Only one thing bothered her: How would Mrs George feel if she found out about Emeka?

She contemplated telling her but decided to wait for when Emeka would propose. That way, Philly’s mom would understand that it wasn’t her fault. After all; her son wasn’t saying anything, maybe he was never going to say anything at all.

Things were getting serious between her and Emeka. She continuously reminded herself of how happy her mother would be to have a son in law who was not just from thier tribe, but was well known by the entire family. Emeka had spoken with Kamsi’s mother a couple of times and promised to come visiting during Easter.

Emeka was a cool guy with ‘the attitude’ every young, handsome and lucky Doctor had. Things were moving well and rather fast for him. He was just 27, had his housejob and youth service on a platter and now a residency slot. He was every girl’s dream.

Kamsi was happy. She knew that for the first time, she had that perfect life she had always wanted. She had began her French classes and her business was doing well. She had a tall, dark and handsome guy from a rich family who had a good job and a great career ahead.

“Indeed, Life is good!” She said to herself.



Unknown to Kamsi, Emeka was recovering from a breakup. His ex-girlfriend of three years, Uche left him after she saw suggestive messages and pictures on his phone. All the explanations Emeka gave made no sense to her, she concluded he was cheating on her and she simply walked away.

Emeka kept details of his past relationship away from Kamsi. The other day she asked him if he had ever been in any relationship before, he nicely avoided the question and cleverly changed the topic. He didn’t want to tell Kamsi all that happened between Uche and him.

Emeka was sorry and felt bad things turned out the way it did in his previous relationship. He maintained that he had with Sally was just a fling. They were classmates and read together most times, one night during night class she tried flirting with him. When he got himself, he shrugged her off and pleaded with her to let him be.

She felt bad and sent him semi nude pictures inviting him over at her place just to get back at him.

Emeka liked the pictures and though he contemplated going, he never went. But he kept the pictures because he wanted to look at them occasionally and one day, Uche used his phone to take pictures and while transferring them to hers, she saw the pictures from Sally.

He had begged her for months but she didn’t want to have anything to do with him again. Soon, she moved on. Though Emeka was truly sorry, the speed with with she moved on hurt him the most leaving him with a vacuum that needed to be filled fast and Kamsi came in handy- what a good medicine to his soul!

He needed to prove to Uche that he could get any girl he wanted at the snap of his fingers and he did prove it.



Philly had come to the point where he told God about his feelings and trusted him completely. He knew God had miraculously given him another chance and at no cost, he was convinced God was with him and he was determined to give it his best shot. He was going to tell Kamsi in the choiceist of ways without making a mess of things.

He decided he was going to surprise Kamsi. He imagined that it would be the biggest surprise of her life. He didn’t tell her he was coming back.

He had it all planned in his head. He would get Desmond to trick Kamsi into being in the hospital the day he would be flying into town. Then his friend Cheta would pick him and Lee from the airport and then race to the hospital.

Lee would call Desmond pretending to be his mom’s Pastor who wanted to visit and request for her room number. And then boom! They would storm into the room!

Then after many hugs and a few tears from his mother, he would get down on one knee and propose to Kamsi right in front of his mother. He would hold her, look straight into her eyes and tell her how much he loves her and could do anything for her. He wanted to spend his life with her!

Lee would be on standby with the camera. He warned Lee to make a video that would break the internet. It would be captioned: “Man in love sneaks out of school and flys all the way from UK to propose to the love of his life in Nigeria.”

It took Philly weeks to come up with this plan and He prayed everything would go as planned and that Kamsi would say “Yes”.

How would his mother feel? He imagined that she would be very proud of him! Would she be able to contain the joy of seeing him unannounced? “Lord I pray she will not pass out.” He silently prayed.

Lee thought it would be a great idea and couldn’t wait to get down to work. He was excited that Philly was taking this bold step towards being happy again. For Lee, that was what life was about- Do whatever makes you happy no matter the cost.

All was set, but only one question remained in Philly’s mind. What if Kamsi says “No”?

Lee’s words stuck in his head “You will never know her answer until you ask.”

He was ready to ask.



Surprisingly, a part of Kamsi desired that God brought Philly back into her life. But the other part of her didn’t know how it was going to be possible.

She had read about people who lost their soul mates and hence missed their destinies in marriage, that really scared her. What if Philly was her soul mate and she never got married to him? Would she ever be happy with another man?

She found it weird that she loved one guy deeply and was in a relationship with another guy. Was this what most ladies meant when they updated their relationship status as “It’s complicated.”

“Uppps…! This is more than complicated.” She thought.

She needed to talk to someone and the only person she could think of was Philly’s mom.

At that thought, she cringed…

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