Two days had passed since Kamsi met Philly. She was yet to recover from the shock that someone was stalking her.

How did he get her contact? For how long had he known her? Why did he go as far as scribbling her phone number on a piece of paper and handing it over to her in what she considered the rudest of ways? And even said it was a handbook for adulthood? What was he up to? He promised to call but he hadn’t and she had no means of reaching him.

Kamsi had been thinking of asking her best friend Dorcas if by any chance she knew Philly. If she did, it was certain she gave him her number. Dorcas was the only one who could pull this kind of stunt. But why would she give out her contact without telling her, they told each other just about anything.

She picked up her phone and rang Dorcas.

“Hey babe, what’s up?”

“Heyy, I’m good and you?” Dorcas answered.

Abeg, I am not fine. I called earlier, you were on another call and you didn’t return my calls.”

“Sorry dear, I was on the phone with Kunle and I slept off after the call. I was so tired. You know how it is naa. Abeg no vex.”

“Yea, I understand. How’s he and preparations?”

“My dear, na small small. We still have five months to go. I just want it to come and go abeg, I cannot kill myself. What’s up you?”

“Babe, did you give anybody my number?” Kamsi was getting impatient.

“No. Who said I gave her your number?” Dorcas lied.

“It’s a ‘Him’ not a ‘her’.”

Wawu, my babe is a hot cake. Na dem dey rush you. Abeg gist me, how is the guy? Hope he is on point?”

Dorcas had her way of pretending after carrying out her mischievous acts so no one would suspect her. Kamsi was not going to fall for it this time.

“Dorcas, I am very serious.”

“Hahaha, serious girl! Abeg relax and have fun, don’t be too hard on yourself. Philly is a cool guy and he doesn’t bite.”

“I knew it! I just knew it was you.”

Osheyy knower of my life and Destiny!” Dorcas laughed.

Dorcas was not just a nosy friend, she was always meddling into Kamsi’s life and Kamsi didn’t like this part of her friend.

Dorcas had made it her life mission to find a husband for Kamsi but always ended up getting her pissed off. What annoyed Kamsi the most was that none of all the guys Dorcas brought ever made sense to her yet she never got tired. Dorcas felt she had her life all figured out and it was now her duty to help her friend fix hers.

“Seriously Dorcas, I don’t like this anymore.” Kamsi cried.

“You don’t have to like it, just give it a chance. Forget about all those your fantasies and face reality, I am only trying to help. I may not know how you will find “The one” but I shaa know that God is not going to throw him down from the sky. You are too rigid and bent on having things your own way, life doesn’t always go the way you want it.”

“Ride on, My preacher brethren.” Kamsi quipped.

“At least I still have small bragging rights.”

Dorcas was right. She did have a lot of bragging rights and she never forgot to remind her friend that her life was better in every way.

Dorcas got all she wanted in life on a platter. She was working with a company that paid her in hundreds of thousands, she was engaged to Kunle, a handsome Yoruba demon and their wedding was barely five months away. She had it all together just the way Kamsi wanted to.

Sometimes she felt Dorcas was living her life.

“Was that why you shared my contact with a stranger without my consent?”

“See, all that is not important now. We will talk about it when we see tomorrow. I am already feeling sleepy. Good night baby girl.”

“I don’t have anything to say to you. Good night. ” Kamsi managed to say.

She hung up.

Kamsi was mad at her friend but she wasn’t surprised. This was not the first time Dorcas was pulling this stunt on her. She wanted to match-make her by all means but it was getting out of hand.
Still fuming, she dashed into the bathroom for a quick shower before hitting the bed and falling into the waiting arms of sleep.



“Kamsi, you know I love you so much. My heart longs to stay with you every day and night. I want to make you mine.” Michael began, holding Kamsi’s hand.

“Sweet heart, you know I love you too and I want to be with you. But you have to go for your course, I understand the nature of your job and I know you will make it up to me.” Kamsi replied.

“Sometimes, I wish I was a Banker or Lawyer or did any other job that will not take me away from you for so long. I can’t believe we will be apart for three straight months, how are we going to cope?”

“Come on baby, you are a Pilot and I truly understand that you are gonna be airborne on a lot of days. You don’t have to be any other person just to please me. This course is important, for you, for us. Thank God there’s facetime, video call, and Skype. There’s really no being apart in this century.”

“But it’s not the same as being with you in person. I wish you could come with me.” Michael said, visibly sad.

“Hahaha. If wishes were horses…” Kamsi laughed.

“I can’t wait to be back and head straight to Umuahia to meet your parents so we can start our wedding plans. Once we get married, you will travel with me to anywhere I am going.” Micheal continued. As he began reaching his hand into his pocket, Kamsi cut in.

“Well, I..”


Kamsi’s phone woke her up from her dream. Her mother’s was calling.
She tried opening her eyes as the full daylight was already beaming on her face. She couldn’t believe it was morning. Reluctantly, she reached for the phone after it had rang twice.

“Hello, mummy, good morning Ma.”

“Kamsiyochukwu, How are you? Are you still sleeping by this time of the day? I have been calling you since.”

“Good morning mummy, I’m sorry. I came back late last night and dozed off, I had a very stressful day yesterday. What’s the time?”

“Are you asking me? Don’t you have a clock in that your house? I still don’t understand why a single girl like you will insist on living alone in another state when you have a big room here in your fathers house.”

“Haba, mummy. It’s too early to start this argument again. I have told you again and again that this is where I found a job. Or do you have any job for me at home?”

“It is not job you need most. It is husband. Shebi if you were married now, your husband will be helping to wake you up so you won’t go late to work. It’s five minutes past eight and you are still sleeping.”

Kamsi was tired of her mother’s persistent marriage talk. Sometimes she wondered if she was really 24 or 32. One time she had to go and look at her birth certificate again to be sure because the way the woman was on her case she needed to be sure her real age was not 32. She quickly felt this would be a good time to end the fight.

“Mummy, I will soon get married o. There’s this cute guy I met his name is Michael.”

Ewwww! My God is alive! Chukwu abiama has remembered me. He is a prayer answering father. No wonder the Holy Spirit prompted me to call you this morning.” Oh, our God has answered my prayers!”

Kamsi went ahead to tell her mum about her Micheal. She told her everything she had dreamt of except the fact that it was just a dream.

“Mummy, He is a pilot From Imo state. His family stays in the US, that was where he grew up. He is really a nice person.”

Ewwww nwam! So you people will move to America immediately after the wedding?” Her mother asked happily.

“Yes mummy, and when I put to bed you will come for omugwo in America.”

Ewwww, Chinazaekpere has answered my prayers.”

Kamsi could imagine her mother dancing.

Her conscience was pricking her all the while she was lying to her mother. But she excused herself saying it was the best way to make her mother happy and on the other hand she was also making positive confessions and calling the things that be not as though they were. Certainly her words will crystalize and form the man of her dreams.

“Mummy, you said it’s past eight already. Let me quickly go or I will be late for work.”

“Okay my dear, but you will gist me more later. Today will be a good day for you in Jesus name.”


“God will protect you and in no distant time, he will join you and Michael in holy matrimony.”

Kamsi was quiet. She mustered all her energy to fight hard against the outburst of laughter that was already choking her.

“Greet him very well for me o. Tell him I cannot wait to meet him.”

“Bye mum.”

“Bye bye my dear.”

Kamsi burst into laughter with a few tear drops. She cried that she lied to her mother and laughed that she made her mother happy again after a long time.




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