The year has almost come to an end.
And they said it’s time to sit and count from my end.
Many times I count my blessings and I’m filled with gratitude.
But the next minute I remember the chastenings and I give God attitude.
But then, I’m grateful for the lessons for they set me on a new altitude.


I think of the pain, regrets and disappointments.
Goals I set and targets I never met.
Deadlines I gave God but he didn’t move towards my nest.
Times when all I could do was worry and…rest.
But one thing remains, God is ever faithful!


Never a time I called and He didn’t answer.
Never a day without his breath in my nostrils.
In the tears, the joy, laughter and sighs.
The unseen hand was all along writing my story.
Now I can say boldly, Thus far has the Lord helped me!


Hey guys,
Whether 2019 got you dancing and jubilating or left you disappointed and in despair. Don’t forget that God never failed you. One of the greatest testimonies of my life is that there has never been a time I called on God and he snubbed me. He always shows up, always. For that, I am eternally grateful.

I know things may not have worked out the way you planned it, the job didn’t come, the relationship went sour, the book wasn’t published, the baby didn’t come, you lost a loved one and you haven’t recovered.

But remember that God never changed and guess what? He is not done with you. The way God calculates his calendar is different from ours, we count in time, weeks and months. He is not bound by time.

We are the ones that know one year is ending and another one is beginning, he doesn’t wait for all that process to do what he wants to do.

Don’t forget the awesome truth that nothing you imagine for yourself can ever be equal to or greater than what God has planned for you.

Don’t go into the new year sad and grumpy about all the things that didn’t happen or wear a long face because you failed to be where you wanted to be. No dear!

Remember all the things you have right now and imagine that even your best thought for yourself is a flicker in comparison with what God has prepared for you. Don’t be lost in murmurs and be blind to God’s mercies.

It’s time to spring forth in joyful praise and thanks to our faithful God! For we have the greatest gift of all times – our Saviour Jesus! God’s priceless and indescribable gift.

As you rejoice, bask in his love and get ready to be drowned in the sea of his endless grace. It’s a new year coming, and woah! His mercies are new every morning!

Merry Christmas everyone!

See you in 2020!

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Hey there,
I am Chinasa, one fiercely loved by Christ and wife of an amazing husband.

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So people like to think that I'm quiet but heyyyy I'm loud on paper!

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