Borrowing the words of a popular TV advert “This year has been a wild ride!” A whole lot has happened this year and many are worn out.

Things we didn’t plan for happened and many of them were beyond our control.

At some point it looked like there was nothing good about this year, many lost friends and family members, jobs and loved ones. There was a lot of chaos and uncertainty.

It’s no doubt there were things you planned for this year that didn’t materialize. We all had to make adjustments and chart new courses. With a weary smile and few tears many welcomed the news of their disappointment and loss.

But what matters the most is that you are here today. This is my greatest conviction that God is not done with you!

While many are preparing for next year and strategizing extensively on how to make the best out of it.

Truth remains that we don’t know what the year holds but here’s one thing that will keep you not just for next year but all your life: consistency!

Do you know that it’s better to study your bible and pray for 20 minutes everyday consistently than to spend hours praying only when trouble strikes.

Consistency remains the key to spiritual growth and without it, we will only remain as fire brigade Christians who only seek God during emergencies.

As you prepare to enter another year, I know you have many plans but one thing should remain your priority: To seek God consistently.

Plan to spend time in His presence praying and studying His word. I call it the old rule that never changes.

This is the secret to staying on course regardless of the storms that may come.

No matter how many great and wonderful things we plan to do for God, ourselves or others, only one thing is needful and whoever chooses it has chosen the best part.

As you do it consistently, things around you will change and most importantly, you will be changed.

Plan to drown out the noise and find peace and quiet right where God is waiting for you.

You have to consciously plan for it. Don’t leave it to chance and circumstances, make it your daily priority.

The best part is that you don’t have to wait for the new year to start before you do all these. The best time to start is NOW!

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