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As a sequel to my post last January on why our new year resolutions don’t last (Read previous post HERE), I’ll be sharing five practical steps that will help you finish strong this year.

1. Learn the discipline of Journaling: Write it down
Many times we plan in our head, this is not entirely bad except that we will likely forget. It takes a lot of discipline and due diligence to pen down your goals and continuously assess yourself on paper as the year unfolds.

But this is one way of avoiding the pitfall of neglecting our goals and resolutions after a while.

We have to be so intentional and committed to our growth that we put in detailed effort towards reminding ourselves of our progress.

Writing down your goals not only tracks your progress but also helps to keep you on track.

There are several benefits of journaling, I shared six of them in my post HERE  and I also shared how you can be consistent.

The best way to start is by getting a book/journal and the best time to start is Now!

2. Cultivate the culture of solitude: Get away
We must cultivate the habit of taking out time to go and pray- away from the noise and bustle of everyday life.

The bearing and direction of our life comes from God and without Him, we will be moving around in circles. It is in the place of prayer and meditation that we wash our feet, drink from the springs of life and rejuvenate ourselves.

If we don’t imbibe this culture, we will end up in the daily grind of meaningless activities.

Plan to take out prolonged hours of prayer and study aside your daily times with God. This is so refreshing!

3. Crave the Blessing of community- Tag along
Balance is the key to life! While it is important to take out time to be alone with God, it is also necessary to fellowship with other believers because life was not meant to be lived alone.

God has planted several people on our road to destiny to travel with us. We must be part of the rich community of believers who have like passion and are deeply rooted in God’s word.

That way, we can thrive and grow exponentially and we can weather the storms of life with our anchor holding firmly on Christ.

4. Avoid the danger of comparison- Run your race
As you move along this year, you will see people that seem to be doing better than you as well as those you appear to be doing better than.

Never fall into the trap of comparing yourself with any of them. The former will leave you depressed while the later will make you proud.

Depression and pride are a recipe for stagnation and subsequent humiliation.

Learn to focus on following God at your own pace and don’t get sidetracked. Run your race, not another man’s.

5. Pursue the reward of obedience- Cultivate faithfulness
Whatever your hand finds to do this year, do it with all your heart. God is not only interested in what you are doing but also in how you are doing it.

When Jesus returns; He won’t be looking for busy or hardworking people, He will be looking for faithful people!

What you are doing may not yield instant results but God wants you to be faithful at it.

Finally, total obedience to God remains the key to having a happy and prosperous year!

I pray we all finish well and strong. Amen!

Happy New Year and do have a blessed week ahead!


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