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After reading finishing strong (you should read this book if you haven’t), I couldn’t help but grab the next Steve Farrars book I set my eyes on.  It was tempered steel! I loved every page of this beautiful book. Once it’s a Steve Farrar book, you can be sure it will be dope. I don’t know if it’s his style of writing or his choice of words that gets to me but there is just something about this man and his books. It’s not one of those empty talks that people dish out to others; he lets you in on the mind of God in the simplest of terms.

Tempered steel is a book that God used to open my eyes to how he uses adversity to shape a man’s heart. I know that you don’t like to hear about adversity, me too. But while reading this book, I understood that God can work with anything- if we let him.

My favorite paragraph is in the chapter where he talked about career interruptions. He outlined six principles drawn from Psalms 75:6-7

  1. Ultimately, all promotions are from the Lord
  2. When God is ready to promote you, no person, no group, no superior, no human network can stand in His way
  3. Ultimately, all layoffs are from the Lord
  4. When God is ready to lay you off, no person no group, no superior, no human network can stand in His way
  5. God will test you before he promotes you
  6. God will lay you off to test you

Then there was this chapter he talked about trap doors and pit stops, how in a pit Joseph, Jonah and Jeremiah all saw Gods hand of providence.

Even when we fail our tests, Gods grace and mercy far outweighs our flaws. God is looking for a right heart not a flawless life and he will not get tired of us.

When I read his personal story of how adversity almost rocked his boat, I wondered how I would have handled those things if they happened to me. They were almost unbearable. But God was in them, using every incident to shape his heart and make him stronger. You will find that in your times of adversity, you are not alone. God doesn’t just know about it, but he is with you every step of the way. When we get to our wits end, even there we will find the mighty hand of God grabbing us and we will realize that he has been with us all the way and more interestingly, we are better off than we were.

You shouldn’t think this book is not for you just because you are not facing adversity currently. Nobody prepares for an examination while in the exam hall, you prepare before the exams. It’s time to stop being afraid of adversity, remember the words of Jesus “…In this world you will have many troubles, but take heart, I have overcome the world” (John 16:33).

We have nothing to lose; we have victory all the time!


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