Author: Francine Rivers

I don’t know if I can give a good review of this book, am trying my best to do just that. For  me, this is the most beautiful book I have read about the love of God so far apart from the bible (and the one I will write #winks). It was my first Francine Rivers and I have never regretted it. I cant tell you the story in this book because I can tell it well enough. While reading this book I laughed, I cried, I prayed, I feared, I hoped. I found myself inside, going into the pages and relating with the characters. There were times I talked to myself, scolded a character, closed it in anger and decided never to continue reading again, yet I kept coming back for more. I became friends with Angel, Michael, Jonathan Axle and Miriam. They are still my friends till now (lol)

I remember that I read this book while in school, during my exam period (I don’t recommend that, but its one of those crazy things we did), I just couldn’t let go. One mystery I discovered was that after reading redeeming love, it launched me into a unique phase of my life and assignment that I didn’t know about before. Sometimes when God wants to begin something in you or through you, he sends you a book (it was a gift from my friend), redeeming love was that book and I cant forget that experience in a hurry. I was super excited when I heard they were making it into a movie (the books are always more interesting though).

This book is the book of Hosea in 21st century English. Its about Gods relentless, fierce and unstoppable love that will blow your mind and leave you wondering why He is so mindful of you. This book is a good book, I don’t know how else to say it but when you read it, you will understand what I mean

I bless God for the life of Francine, she is a timely blessing. I can’t refuse reading her books anytime I see them. They are a break from the ordinary, a big time adventure. Anytime you grab her book, don’t let go. Or better still you don’t have to wait; there is a bookstore down the street.

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