Book Title: Love Does

Author: Bob Goff

Theme: Discover a secretly incredible life in an ordinary world

For me, this is the best book I have read this year. It was one book I didn’t finish in a hurry, I was slowly ‘sipping’ each page till I came to the 218th page feeling so blessed yet almost sad that it had come to an end. It’s a book filled with incredible real life stories, told with such simplicity you won’t believe them.

Let me share a little part of a beautiful story I found in the 10th chapter, I kept ‘wow-ing’ after reading it. Bob Goff talked about how after the September 11 terrorist attack in the US, he rushed home and gathered his kids around their dining table and told them what had just happened. They talked about the presence of good and the presence of evil and how good ultimately wins. With sadness and questions in their hearts he asked the kids this “If you had five minutes in front of a group of world leaders, what would you ask them to help make sense of life, faith, hope and the events that are unfolding around them?” The youngest who was 7 years said that he would ask the world leaders if they wanted to come over to their house, the next one said he will ask each of the world leaders what they were hoping for and the eldest said that if the world leaders couldn’t come over to their house, then she will suggest that she and her two brothers could go to their houses to ask them what they were hoping for. Lol

They didn’t even consider that what they were asking for was absurd and naïve. He went ahead and asked the kids to put their ideas together in one letter and then they downloaded the names of every President, Prime minister or dictator of every country in the world from the CIA website. Next, they got to a post office box mailed the letters, hundreds and hundreds of them. They waited a week or two and then day after day, they would check the kid’s post office box for any mail. It wasn’t long before the responses started coming in. They got a small globe of planet Earth and stuck a pin in every country whose leader responded and it wasn’t long before their little earth was peppered with hundreds of pins. Many said No; thanks in the politest of ways that still made the kids feel great. But guess what, they got another mail that said yes…they were invited to the palace to meet at the state house in Bulgaria. A day or two later, they got another mail from the prime minister of Switzerland inviting them to Bern. Then the President of Israel, and on and on it went till they got twenty-nine invitations over the following weeks. Wow!

He had promised the kids that they would go, so he had to keep to his words. They quickly had a family training program to spruce up their manners, learn how to bow and curtsy too.  He and his wife set out with the kids and their cameras. What happened more often than not was that the kids would begin in an official reception room and have an official meeting with the leader. But then, the leaders would realize these were just kids who had no agenda other than to be friends and they would be invited into their private offices where they could just talk as friends. If they were grownups, they would have been talking about boring things like having more jobs, gross domestic product, fight against terrorism, better schools and security, but no, they would talk about their children and grandchildren, what they were doing when they were the kids’ age and dreams of friendship between people from the two countries.

In one of the countries, the leaders peered at the kids and said in Russian “Children, I’m more nervous meeting you than if I were meeting with President Bush right now, and when I get nervous, I get hungry!”(lol). That was how he clapped his hands and the palace servants flooded into the room with trays and trays of kid food. The leader sat back and with much excitement shouted “Eat!” the kids tried to practice their manners but they were appropriately swept into the enormity of what was before them. By the time they were finished, their faces were almost totally smudged with sugar and happiness. He ended his talk with them with these words “You know what it is about someone that makes them a friend? A friend doesn’t just say things; a friend does.” So true

Let me stop here before I type the whole book but believe me, every chapter is filled with great acts moved by a heart of love. You will realize that you don’t have to be somebody to accomplish things, Jesus uses ordinary people. Go ahead and read the book and don’t stop being a blessing. Love doesn’t just sit around and ‘love’, Love does! Get your copy and find out how.

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