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Ever received a timely letter that gave you the reassurance you needed just in time? That parcel that brought smiles and made you grin from ear to ear.
God still speaks to us today. He has written many letters to you to guide you through your journey home. Find them here at any season of life you are in, You will receive grace, comfort and help for your journey.

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We are Gods princesses and we can’t help it. Sometimes when you are burdened about something and you discover you are not alone, it brings some relief, that’s why this is a forum for us to share practical life lessons. Here we talk about everything that bothers us and receive counsel. We share and help each other. Through Gods word and His Spirit, we unravel truths that will shape us into what God wants us to be.
I am really excited about this forum because I have a lot on my mind and I know you do too…
Remember, we talk about e..v..e..r..y..t..h..i..n..g!!!

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My life have been laced with many books and songs that I can’t keep back from you all. I will be sharing them here so you can get them for yourself and get even more blessed. After all, what are friends for?

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Poems and Randoms
My poems and random thoughts

Have you lost faith in our dear country? In the midst of all that is happening, i still believe in Nigeria. Join me as we unveil the endless potentials abounding in our nation. Together, we can build that peaceful and prosperous nation of our dreams.
Let’s get to work, I will show you how.

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Find those stories you have been waiting to be told.

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What have you been doing to make an impact in your world? How has your light been shining for all to see? I will be posting stories of people’s act of love done to make a difference, they are Lights for us to behold and give glory to our Father in Heaven.
As you read these real life stories, You will  learn how to start that big dream of yours in a small way and watch it grow. Who knows? next time we may be beholding the light shinning through you for Gods glory.

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