Happy New Year Everyone.



I missed everyone; I missed writing and hearing from you guys. Thanks to all who kept checking on the blog, and some even called and sent messages to know why I wasn’t writing, someone even offered to send in an article she wrote so I could publish…awwww that was very thoughtful of you guys. I felt so loved and inspired. I appreciate your love.



I must apologize for being away for too long without proper notice, I sincerely didn’t know I would be away for such a long time. I thought it wouldn’t last this long, that was why I didn’t announce my short break before it happened. I was caught up with the events that come with festive periods and it took its toll on me plus I didn’t have access to network. My excuses are lame abeg, I am deeply sorry. Thank God am back and better now.



Sincerely speaking, am not a fan of festivities and activities, they just have their own way of making me overwhelmed and encumbered, just like Martha- all the guests and kitchen things, but I am learning to find a way to keep my head up. I also don’t fancy the whole New Year saga, but what to do? It’s a new year and I can’t change that. I am of the opinion that it’s just another day, another second, minute, week, month and…year. So I don’t fuss much about it, I just wake up and thank the Lord like I do every other day. But I still have to say a big happy new year to all my friends and family and my beautiful blog readers, (even the ghost readers, I see you all with my spiritual goggles. I will open your case file soon).



Now to the business of the day, one of the things I have discovered is that in the spirit of the New Year, people tend to worry a lot because of the many goals they have set, otherwise called resolutions. They fret over how these things shall be and end up deleting God from the picture though unconsciously and subtly.



There is no New Year if God isn’t gonna be directly involved in it. If you are considering how best to excel in this year and make it worth the ride, here are a few things to help you:



Take God’s word as it is; Read it, know it for yourself and live by it. The society has a lot of modifications, adjustments and upgrading to do to the word of God so as to meet a particular need or solve a problem, the truth is they will get results, but God’s word hasn’t changed. Always measure your life decisions whether great or small with the wisdom gleaned from Gods word. With it, you can never sink in the sea of life.



Only the Lord Almighty is God …and you are not! For me, this is one of the greatest discoveries I made in the past few years of my life and the truth keeps echoing with each coming year. Every time I have tried to take the seat and be God for few seconds, I remember that only the Lord God Almighty is God and I am not.



How did I try to be God?



I tried to figure out everything that will happen, I tried to understand the reason behind everything. I wanted to know what will happen tomorrow, how will I eat, have money, do all the things I wanted to do, how next week and month will look like? What about the troubles of this world? How will I solve every single one of them? Yes! I actually thought of that. It only landed me in the pit of worry who led me to his good neighbor doubts and of course their Landlord, sin. That’s all you get for trying to be God.



Stop trying to be God; you will do a pretty bad job at that. We already have one God and he is Almighty, He is still alive and in total control!



I didn’t say don’t plan, please do, but remember that you are not God, let him lead you in the best pathway for your life. His love is relentless and thoughtful, He’s got everything figured out. All you need to do is trust and rest in Him.



Finally my brethren, Live, Laugh (a lot) and Learn; That’s what I have been doing, that’s what I will keep doing.



No too much grammar, no long stories and long lists. Just live one day at a time! Keep Living, Keep Laughing and Keep Learning, every single day. That’s enough work to last for a whole year, Lets get started already!



Happy New Year once again. I appreciate the time you took to read and comment. Thanks for always being here, you make writing a delight. Lets do it again this year!




Don’t forget to drop in your comments and share with others via email, social media or simply telling them about the blog.







PS: Christianese 6 will be coming up shortly. Hope Y’all have subscribed. I also have other great and exciting contents coming up, you don’t wanna miss anything.



Much Love!


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