So few days to my birthday, I met my husband. I remember it so well that it seems like yesterday.

We had just finished talking on one of those our casual meetings and he mindlessly asked “When is your birthday?”

“It’s on 30th.” I answered briefly.

He was shocked. “This month? That’s next week?!”

“Yes.” I smiled.

The surprise and glow on his face was unmistakable. I imagined that he thought “I have to do something.”

And he did! He actually did many things even though the notice was short. Two of my favourite were that we spent the whole evening talking and he got me a beautiful birthday gift.

I had agreed to meet a friend that same evening, but I cancelled it when my husband asked to share my evening with me.

I practically turned down every other request just to be with this one person I had just met. Don’t ask me why yet!

But that day, I had the best evening of my life as at then. No, we didn’t go to the Bahamas or Maldives on a boat cruise, we didn’t lodge in a hotel or eat in one of the best restaurants.

We simply sat down in a classroom alone and talked like we had known each other for forever.

If you have ever had a heart to heart talk with someone you love and you could see how mutual it was in their eyes, then you’ll agree with me that the feeling is out of this world.

We joked, we laughed, we played and at some point; we simply stared at each other.

My God!!!

We talked so much that we couldn’t stop. As night drew closer, it was time to go and I secretely begged God to stop the clock. But He didn’t.

As we began to walk back to my hostel, I noticed he had a gift in his hand but I pretended as though I didn’t see it. My mother raised me well!

When we got to my hostel, he handed me a neatly wrapped package and said “Happy birthday dear”.

I politely told him I don’t accept gifts from men but he kept insisting that it was my birthday and it wasn’t out of place to receive a gift from a friend.

But I was so stubborn that despite his persuasion, I bade him goodnight and ran into my hostel. As I left, the surge of emotions that welled up inside me could flood a little village.

I was determined to hold on to my personal rule of not collecting gifts from men but at the same time; I felt so guilty for not collecting it.

I sat on my bed, confused but my face was beaming and I said a simple prayer to God “Lord, help me. I don’t know what to do.’ This was not just any guy, something was different.

A thought came to my mind to call my friend and tell her. Guess what? I called her and she told me to go back and collect the gift. I couldn’t believe it!

She scolded me for being so stubborn and insisted I went back, she even said it was disrespectful and I needed to apologize for the way I left.

Surprisingly, I looked through my window and the most patient man I have ever met was still standing where I left him looking so sad yet handsome.

I quickly ran downstairs and he was so shocked that he walked towards me and gave me a warm hug.

“How long were you planning to wait here?” I asked shyly.

“As long as it would take you to come back!” He replied with the sweetest voice I’ve ever heard.

My heart sank into my belly!

“Help me Lord, I’m in love!!!!” I screamed in my head!

I went back to my room and my friend was already waiting. I was beaming with so much smiles that my roommates gathered to know what was happening.

I tried to pretend like everything was normal, but the butterflies in my stomach had already escaped and filled the room. I couldn’t stop blushing.

They didn’t even allow me open the gift; they were too excited that they ripped it open.

It was a beautiful handbag! My favourite handbag till date. It became the talk of our little ‘neighborhood’ because everyone loved it.

Though it has become old from too much use, the memories are ever green in my heart.

Truth is, I’m grateful to God for all the beautiful memories we have together and even more grateful that those memories are not only in the past.

Everyday, I thank God that I married my best friend and the best part is that he has been consistent all these years. Let me not talk too much, today is for story telling.

Please say a kind word and prayer for my husband as he marks another birthday tomorrow. He’s been nothing short of amazing.

Happy Birthday to my gift that never stops giving. I will always love you.

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