Yes He does and He is my Father

Not only does he feed the birds

He clothes the flowers.

See how they grow

See how beautifully they are arrayed

They have a tailor and He is my father



So why should I worry

When my Father feeds the birds

Though they are here today and gone tomorrow

Yet, he takes care of them

Have you ever seen any of them go hungry?

Or go without beautiful raiment?

That’s because my Father feeds and clothes them




So why should you worry?

Why do you chase the shadows?

When our Father feeds the birds

Why do you chase after what the heathen are after?

When our Father knows that you need them.

Remember He feeds the birds who are here today and gone moro

How much more you and me?




Come my friend, Let us seek our Father

Let us follow him and trust Him

For he knows all our needs

Let us rest our Faith on Him

And let tomorrow worry its own worries

Fret not my friend like the pagans do

For even our father feeds the birds

And he wants to do more than feed you

He wants to give you the Kingdom!



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Hey there,
I am Chinasa, one fiercely loved by Christ and wife of an amazing husband.

I am passionate about not missing the simplicity that is in Christ Jesus that's why on Nasalian blog I love to tell stories in a radical and simple way.

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Yours sincerely can stay in a room for 'forever' as long as I have spaghetti, good books, good music, and my husband😊.

So people like to think that I'm quiet but heyyyy I'm loud on paper!

One of my lifelong dreams is attending a Hillsong conference preferably in Australia and vacationing in Orlando Florida at the same time. Don't ask me how #smiles.

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