Released: September 2015
Running time: 102 minutes

This thriller brought back fond memories of my first week in the northern part of Nigeria and that is one of the reasons I am writing about it.

I was going to live in a northern state for many months and guess what? It was one that had a history of a recent bomb blast in the market. On my very first week, I needed to go shopping in the big market “Baban kasua” for some foodstuffs. I started that fateful day with a very hot morning devotion (special edition) before setting out on my remarkable journey. I remember how I prayed throughout the journey as I sat in the tricycle (keke) against every ‘spirit of bomb blast’. Before now, I had never prayed with such intensity about an interstate journey how much more a house-to-market one. I had to humble my self o.

I imagined the bomb exploding as I was pricing my foodstuffs and decided to heed big brothers warning not to price but simply buy and rush back (regardless of the price). He also insisted I bought everything I wanted from one or two “one-stop-shops” instead of my usual manner of touring the entire market in search of the best buys.

This he said were necessary security measures I must stick to. And trust me, I obeyed to the later. On my way back I sang (almost danced) and overflowed with gratitude to God for what I saw as the safest journey ever.

But let me shock you:

Months later, you won’t believe I sat in this same market for hours gisting with friends I had made and knowing every nooks and cranny as I had finally found where to buy things for a way cheaper price. (I hope he never gets to read this).#lol

Eye in the sky is a beautiful movie about the impact of terrorism on the common everyday man. How the decisions of the “ogas at the top” go on the affect the ‘tiniest’ of lives in the Nation.

Ten year old Alia lived peacefully with her parents who loved her as an only child and poured all their affection on her. They did everything to protect her in the midst of their fanatic village as their only valued possession. Her mother, baked bread daily for her to go and sell and she did it happily everyday until one day that made all the difference in thier quiet lives.

Like me, Alia was sent to in a risky area, very close to the market to sell the bread her mother had made. But unlike me, she never bothered about any explosion.

It was the day the US Airforce decided it was time to capture the top suicide bombers on their most wanted list and in collaboration with the Kenyan Army intelligently set out to capture these terrorist. As fate had it, the four criminals were on a suicide mission that same day and were getting set to bomb a shopping mall probably killing thousands and leaving more thousands injured.

The eye in the sky, a brave Flight Lieutenant did his best to save the life of my little friend but they had to make a decision on whether to spare that one life or curb a potential danger that may involve many lives.

Come to think of it:

The life of one innocent little girl who was an only child of her parents or the lives of thousands of others who were in danger if the suicide bombers succeeded. This was one of the toughest decision I have even come across.

There were consultations, arguments, meetings, calculations and so many deliberations all in a bid to make the best possible decision and all this were time bound. They needed to act and do so fast, time was ticking!
I prayed for Alia, I cried and even spoke to her over my screen to move away from where she was sitting but she sat still, innocently selling her bread. Soon the bomb would go off and she would be gone. My heart sank.

Unfortunately, it did and you can predict the outcome.

I learnt a lot from this movie:

  1. I Iearnt to pray even more for my country and the people who make the decisions, they may have the best of interests but unable to execute it due to prevailing circumstances.

  2. There are others who have to take orders, they are under authority and can only do what the Boss says, they may mean well but must act according to directives.

  3. The people who make the laws are the least affected by the consequences of the laws, the common man of the street bears the brunt of the outcome of these decisions and must be considered first.

  4. Politics is real, deep and very very complicated.

  5. There is nothing good about war, terrorism or suicide bombing. Regardless of the reason, it is evil and should never have come into the world in the first place.

I had to see the movie a second time, I would recommend same.

This is the a perfect weekend companion.

Enjoy and don’t forget to share with me!

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