The Greatest Showman
Year of release: 2017
Producers: Lawrence Mark, Peter Chernin, Jenno Topping
Running Time: 1hour 45 minutes.


This intriguing musical did a lot of magic for me. It got me singing, thinking dreaming agaim and really, I can’t seem to get enough of it.

The Greatest Showman was inspired by the story of how P.T Barnum created the Barnum and Bailey Circus which has been running for 146 years, and was only closed in 2017 just before the movie was released.

Barnum was working with his Father, Philo for the Hewlett family where he fell in love with their daughter, Charity. They were soon separated as Hewlett sent his daughter off to finishing school. But they kept the flame of their love alive with letters they wrote to each other. Like the saying goes, True love never dies…

Barnum goes ahead to marry Charity, his childhood sweetheart. He promises her a lifetime of happiness and many more. Though they had a humble beginning and were happy with their two daughters Caroline and Helen, Charity is satisfied but Barnum hasn’t let go of his million dreams. He wants more.

Barnum and Charity are two very different individuals. Barnum loves the lights but charity loves to stay behind the curtains.

Being a reserved woman who loves a simple and quiet life and married to a husband who had the wildest of dreams, Charity was ready to pay the price and she graciously manned the home front for all the times her husband was absent.

Barnum wanted to give her the best life possible as he promised but time and again he seemed to have failed as his million dreams were not coming through.
Luckily, Barnum makes a big break after he took a loan to premiere his museum which showcased great talents in the forgotten people in the society.Though sales were slow initially but the show hit it big and tickets were sold out after his daughters suggested he showed something “more alive”.

This was the beginning of his journey to stardom and the limelights which for him was a dream come true. Though Charity was content, Barnum wanted to take the world. This led to many journeys, shows, and of course more money. Truly his family had the better life he promised, a bigger house, fame and a lot of comfort but it came at a price.

Barnum made his mistakes, but he was able to retrace his steps and return back to his family. He was blinded by the lights momentarily, but he had a great company and a brave wife who for me was the star.

After seeing this movie, I was tempted to compare it with Tyler Perry’s Acrimony and concluded that it was a sharp contrast and a better ending. But how many men would take the step Barnum took to gain his family back and go ahead to retire to them? How many will stick it out on a tightrope like Charity did and let go of their own hurts to forgive and have their family back.

For me, Barnum and Charity’s love was the true love the world is looking for and I learnt a few huge life lesson from them:

*Never be blinded by the lights, don’t let the limelights fool you. Your family is a great treasure and the true source of your happiness. Anything you claim to be doing for them that constantly takes you away from them is an exercise in futility.

*Dreams don’t die, except we let them. But if we feed, nurture and tend them, they do come true no matter how big they are.

*Marriage is like a tightrope, there will be times when you will soar high in the sky, enjoy all the breath taking views and other times, you will fall down below. Whatever happens, don’t quit, enjoy the adventure and make sure you do it together, Never let go of the one hand you are holding.

Lastly, I really enjoyed the songs in this movie, everyone of them.

Great job Michael Gracey for directing The Greatest Showman and to the entire cast and crew, you guys blew me away especially with the songs. I just love the movie and I can’t even count how many times I have seen it, sometimes just to hear those beautiful voices and see the lovely faces.

I cannot possibly exaust all the lessons in one review and I must say it’s a must watch. I guarantee it will be a perfect company for the weekend.

The Greatest Showman, Great movie, Great songs, Great lessons!

Have you seen the movie? I would love to hear from you in the comment box.

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