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Two days ago, we celebrated another Mother’s Day. Many things were said but one thing stood out for me: motherhood never ends.

I am constantly reminded of this every time I look at my mother and my kids. I think to myself “So as a grandma, I’ll still be changing diapers and singing lullaby! When am I ever going to rest?”

Mothers are nothing short of amazing and on this day, I am tempted to praise myself for all I do (lol). But then, I look at my mother and see all she still does and know that I’m yet to scratch the surface.

Juggling between the demands of a wife and mother with a full time job would have been near insurmountable without my supportive mother.

Between caring for my newborn and raising my toddler, my mother’s capable hand gives me a firm support. Otherwise, how can one potty train while exclusively breastfeeding?

Aside from taking care of my kids which in itself is a full time job, my mother spends the little spare time she has tending my garden! This means she literarily has no time for herself and that is what motherhood is all about.

Believe it or not, mothers pour their lives into their children in ways we cannot explain.They give so much that they even lose themselves. They ‘die’ so we can live.

This really amazes me because I see my mother waking up very early to plant and water the garden so that she’ll be done before my kids wake up to have their bath.

When you see me snapping back shortly after delivery and going about my work as though nothing has happened without breaking down, it is because God has blessed me with an indefatigable mother!

My mother has gracefully cared for her 23 grandchildren while spending a minimum of six months omugo with each of them in different continents.

Because we are all married in my family, once you see the two lines on the test strip, you book her before another person beats you to it. We are now ‘hustling‘ for her. Lol.

Most times she stays up a year, just do the maths and see the fraction of her life that has been spent on motherhood even after raising her own 8 children, then tell me about it in the comment section.

My mother remains the most hardworking woman I know!

You see this my garden, it has taught me that no matter how sweet a fruit is, mothers never eat the seed! That’s what motherhood is all about- we never get tired of caring and nurturing.

Do you know that I’ve already made vegetable soup and many pots of yam porridge using ugu leaves and waterleaf from my garden?

I am now patiently waiting for my water melon, corn, peppers, orange, paw-paw, curry leaf, scent leaf and soursop (chawan Yes, she planted all that and guess what? Every fruit we have ever eaten in my house is well represented in my garden all because my mother never throws any seed away.

Take a moment and think about that!

Mothers are indeed golden and deserve many more accolades!

Cheers to every Mother’s Day we’ve had and will ever have!

I pray for everyone reading this post: May God keep your mother alive, healthy and strong! Amen


PS: That’s a picture from my garden. See more photos on Instagram @thenasalian.

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